Saturday, June 22, 2013

The week in review

Yadda, yadda, yadda.
Yeah it was a long busy week.

A few of the highlights were:

Listening to my eldest play the guitar on the back porch.
I love to hear him play.
He'd like to get together a new band and play 80's type rock, but hasn't at this point since he doesn't have a lot of time to devote to playing. 

Wondering what the orange snow fence is doing on the porch?
It was put up to keep the cats and dogs away from the pool when the water level was low - if you know what I mean. I can probably take it down now since the pool is up and running. 

Headed out in a new direction riding horses with Chyann. 
Came a cross a nice looking hay field.
Yes she also rides English.
Knee problems have precipitated this need for using a saddle recently.

Most fields we rode through have not been planted yet. 
Tater came with us and she must have picked up 100 freaking ticks. 
Had loads of fun picking them off her.
I read in the newspaper that the ticks in our area are going to be a huge problem this summer because of the wet and now hot/muggy weather.

During our ride we came across a lot of bones and some full deer skeletons.
We've never seen so many bones - someone must have had a deer carcass dump ground nearby that animals drug the bones from.

Baseball game in a town 1.5 hrs North of here.
We won 26 to 0 if you can imagine that!
Caden pitched a no hit inning!

And made 4 runs in!

Band lessons began and Caden was surprised that he couldn't "automatically" play great music LOL
Practice my dear.
Practice is what it takes to play beautiful music.
Course he wants to practice right in the middle of things, which irritates the shit out of the other kids but is just fine with me. 
The big kids seem to have forgotten that they also did this.

Another baseball game and the boys were anxious about it because this was the team that beat them earlier in the season. They pulled it off though and won 4 to 1. Caden made two of those runs in and his hits were both doubles - I'd post a video, but blogger is being a pain today.

Some massive storms have been rolling through too.
Like we needed MORE rain at this point.
My poor little garden is floundering.
Lost another branch from my favorite maple tree.
Only two branches left on it now.

The forecast is calling for a lot of hot and humid weather for the next week, with a chance for storms everyday.
Did I mention that the skeeters are absolutely terrible?
I've got a nice bite right in the middle of my forehead - itches like crazy!

Today a niece in ND is getting married and my nephew in AK is also getting married.
Would have been nice to go to one of them, but it just didn't work out. 

I'm taking a few days off work next week.
No plans to do much of anything at this point, which is ok by me.

Later :)


Nikker said...

What a blow out on that baseball score!! Nice work Caden and team...although I bet the other game was much more fun to watch. (0:
Sorry about your tree! What a bummer!

Nicole said...

I read just today that vicks is supposed to help keep mosquitoes away. Never thought about the orange netting to help. And hubby likes to pick as well.

So jealous she can ride English. I actually am not talented enough I guess....