Sunday, April 7, 2013

Talent galore, meat and more

It's been another one of those busy weeks.

 Shitty dreary weather.
 Snowing, raining, wet, gray and mucky. 
We've had it all. 

 I haven't heard anything on the job. 

 The High School put on a talent show Friday night and it was wonderful!
 Chyann played the drum set with the Jazz band.
 A video of my favorite song.

Earlier in the day the band had went to Eau Claire and participated in a Jazz festival put on by UWEC. 
She had a blast!

Our hay guy's brother butchered a cow and somehow we got in for a quarter
(don't ask me why, we've got our own beef) so after work on Saturday I got the pleasure of helping wrap the meat and clean up.

Think I'm going to be off meat for a while. 

We got home late last night and the Hubby decided he had some chores to do that would not wait till morning. 
He and Colton suited up and went out to do them.

I put the dogs out and ushered Caden up to bed - he didn't want to go, wanted to wait for his dog to come in. 
I said no, Dad will bring her up when he comes in and went to bed.

Only to be woken up from a dead sleep half hour later.
They can't find Shasta.


And she is still missing this morning. 
I walked around for about 40 minutes looking for her.
Thinking maybe she got kicked by a cow/horse, but didn't see any sign of her.

Caden, who is still sleeping and was sleeping last night when it was discovered Shasta was missing, has no idea she is not here.
Fingers crossed we find her safe and sound.



tainterturtles said...

Oh boy, that doesn't sound good. Hope you find Shasta.

Aunt Krissy said...

HAve you found her yet? Sorry I didn't call. I got some kind of sickness. A cough that wont stop and a headache for a few days now. Took it easy on the weekend.

SunnySD said...

Dang! Wanted to say great news about the cats/spay deal, and whoa, missing dog :( Hope she's turned up safe & sound!

Nicole said...

Ok so now I'm caught up on Shasta. So glad she's back. We had a dog do that a couple times. Turns out ours went under my parents deck for heat and warmth and shelter.

I like beef, send some our way! :). We've been talking about how we can get a beef to butcher for the freezer because it's way better than store bought!