Monday, April 8, 2013

Shasta update

Ever so relieved to say that Shasta showed up out of nowhere!
No clue where she was or what she'd been up to.


Very glad she is back no worse for the experience.


I tell ya, we just can't shake winter and these cool/cold temps.
Thursday we are even supposed to have measurable snowfall! 
Hows that for YUCK!

Have a nice day :)


Anonymous said...

winter is hanging on here too.. cool temps at night, but no new snow in Kenai. Anchorage has been getting hammered with snow this past weekend and into tomorrow... bummer for them :-)


Nicole said...

I'm reading in reverse order so I have to catch up on the whole Shasta thing... but yey for cold weather. ha! j/k I like the summer! Hopefully you get warmer weather! We go from 60's and 70's today and tomorrow to a high of 45 on Wednesday.

SunnySD said...

Excellent! So glad Shasta's home safe.

Weather man says snow here for Wednesday, maybe... back on the old roller coaster. Hope that doesn't mean you guys are getting plastered again, too.

Ami said...

So glad that sweet horsie person is home!!!

Sorry I haven't been by.


Nikker said...

So glad Shasta made it home! How miserable waiting, wondering, and worrying must have been!
More snow... GROSS. Sorry! We're just getting a bunch rain...rain I'll take! (0: