Sunday, April 21, 2013

11 years ago today

we landed in Minneapolis, rented a car and drove to Eau Claire.

Having never been to WI we were enchanted with the trees (or at least I was, got that tree fetish you know), marveled at how brilliant green it everything was, and CLEAN - that probably seems like a strange thing to notice, but having just came from AK where we'd had a record year for snow and you know how old snow is gray and dirty looking - Eau Claire fairly sparkled. 

We found a motel, checked in and totally zonked out for six hours. 

Woke up to a few inches of snow and scary snow thunder. 

Thankfully the snow and chilly temps didn't last long. 

Interestingly enough it is snowing today as well.
Not a lot, we might get two inches.

The news last night said so far this winter we've received 75" of snow - which is a wee bit over six feet. 
Surely this will be the last week of crappy weather, hell it's almost May! 

Last year on this day we had just cut the old Elm tree down. 
The place still looks naked to me without it.
Our plan had been to get the stump carved, but it just costs too much money to have someone come out to do it and there is no way I can justify the cost. 
So, we are going to get it stumped this spring when it dries out. 
Plant some other type of shade tree. 

Baseball starts two weeks from today. 
I can't wait!
Caden had to get a new mitt and still needs some cleats. 
He sure has grown in the last year. 

I'm off to make cinnamon rolls.

Happy Sunday to you :)


SunnySD said...

MMMMmmm, cinnamon rolls - now I want one.

Sure hope your snow gets melted by the time baseball season is supposed to start. They're saying maybe more white stuff for us on Tuesday - wouldn't mind if it was just rain, but the horses are starting to shed and it's chilly with no thick coats.

Did WI winters seem sort of mild after AK? Or were you in the southern end where things don't get quite so bitter?

tainterturtles said...

I'm impressed that you have time to bake cinnamon rolls....good for you!

Someone came into the library talking about softball practice. I said really? Well, after all it's nearing May! Just wish that damn snow would melt. You should see my yard....still lots of snow!!!

Nicole said...

We were supposed to get snow last night. Too warm to stick so I don't even know if it snowed because I went to sleep and didn't even budge when my alarm went off this morning until Mark told me to.