Sunday, April 28, 2013

Prom fun and a good laugh

Had a great time at the fundraiser yesterday.
The weather was beautiful, a little breezy though.

Caden was lucky playing bingo and even won a raffle.

Chyann made plans to get ready for the prom with a bunch of her friends.
I went and took pictures before they went. 

A few of my favorite pictures. 

Isn't she just lovely.

 photo 6d89e952-d121-4007-b015-96ce11a563b9_zps625b6f14.jpg

 photo fce0ac1a-f97b-4079-aea1-5c95f1487ac4_zps8653d9ca.jpg

Note the necklace and earrings Caden won and gave to me as an early Mothers Day present.

 photo 3431b460-a8f5-4784-b804-aa371d1d18fa_zps198826fe.jpg

I picked Chyann and her friends up at 620 this morning. 
They had an after prom lock in at a local establishment where the kids could eat pizza, play games, drive gocarts, do a rock wall, lazer tag and other fun stuff. 

Happy Birthday to my brother Jeff!

I hope you have a fantastic Birthday!!
In honor of your birthday, go HERE and have a hell of a good laugh for the day.
I laughed until I cried.
Then laughed some more. 
Made such a ruckus folks came to see if I was ok
I think you'll enjoy it too.


Donna said...

Hello from Texas!
We just went through the prom thing with my granddaughter Sam...I love taking photos of things like that! Fun...
Your daughter is the dress!
Have a happy day!

Nikker said...

Love the background you used for your photos. Fantastic pictures! Your daughter is beautiful!

That auto correct stuff is WAY TOO funny!! Love it!! Thanks for sharing!!

Ami said...

She is beautiful. And so are you. :)

Great photos. It sounds like they had a wonderful time. :)

SunnySD said...

Gorgeous - I love her dress! And such a striking resemblance to her mom :) Glad to hear you guys had some warmer weather!

Nicole said...

holy cow, I think I'd want that after party as well!! And she looks great!

NNN said...

What a beautiful young lady!!