Sunday, April 14, 2013

The storm that wasn't

Last weeks big storm ended up being a non-event.
All the hype of 12"+ heavy wet snow ended up being a light rime of ice, about 3" of snow and a bit of wind.
Nothing we can't handle.

Unfortunately spring is no where in sight and here it is the middle of April.

We've got flurries this morning.

A few random horse pictures:


Nosy Scotch thinks I may just have a treat or two.

I didn't get very far on my poop scooping.
Was entirely too wet, then froze and snowed to cover it all again. 

With this endless winter we've got a serious hay shortage in our area.
Last summers drought really limited the amount that could locally be harvested
and our hay guy is having to truck it in from several states over.
Which as you can guess is big money, that he has to pass on to his customers and what he buys is what we get.

Hence the HUGE round bale.
If we had a choice we wouldn't get round bales because we don't have a good way to get them into the barn/way to maneuver them around, ect. 
But as I said, hay shortage.

But the cows LOVE it.

They are burrowing holes in it and eating to their hearts content.
Makes me wonder how long this bale will last. 
I'm hoping about 2 weeks?
Guess we'll see. 

What else is new?

I've heard a bit on the job, but can't talk about it until I get the "official" word. 

The bathroom is moving along slowly.
One of those two steps forward and one step back, SLOW processes. 
Hard to find the time and occasionally I just want to do nothing.
 Watch a movie. Read a book. Whatever.
And I've got cabin fever.

Hope you all are well. 

later :)


tainterturtles said...

Not to be a "Debbie Downer" but the forecast into next week looks pretty much the same....seriously! Everyone is in a bad mood as cabin fever continues. My girlfriend and I said we just need to treat ourselves with chocolate and wine!!!

SunnySD said...

So glad you didn't get socked with the last one! Sure hope the next dire prediction turns out to be just as wrong.

At least with all the moisture your hay situation should be better this year.

Will keep sending good thoughts your way re. the job :)

Aunt Krissy said...

Even I am getting a tad bit cranky with this WX. It's about time for spring to be here!

Nicole said...

My dad's cows go through a bale of hay about every other day. Luckily we're finally starting to see a little grass poke through. At least you didn't get the 12+ inches they called for! Just think, this snow is great for the ground!!