Tuesday, April 16, 2013


My lovely daughter is going to be a Sophomore next year and is now picking out/planning her courses that she needs to take.

A lot of four year institutions require that you have two years of a foreign language and therefore she is planning on taking Spanish II.

She currently speaks it quite well, but doesn't "enjoy" it. Colton also had two years of Spanish.

Apparently in the first year of the class you have to pick out a Spanish name, that you use through out the course. Colton's name was Mario (he always loved Mario and Luigi video games) and Chyann's is Julia pronounced hulia - I think.

They were having a conversation the other day in Spanish. Laughing and yacking away and I said what was that? Because it sounded like they said some thing about me. Chyann says they were just commenting that neither of their parents knew a second language.

So, this brought to mind an event from way back when:


The Exxon Valdez oil spill had recently happened.
I was fresh out of high school in bush AK.
Had recently moved permanently to the big city of Anchorage and was working at the airline that was moving workers to and from Valdez to help with the clean up of the oil spill.

At the time my job there was mostly undefined. I helped wherever help was needed.

On this day I was at the front desk, checking in the passengers for our next flight to Valdez and some of these folks just happened to be Hispanic.
I'd take their name, ask their weight and weigh their baggage in order to fill out the aircraft/load manifest.

The pilot on this particular flight, we'll call him Buddy* (which may or may not be his real name), was a nice enough guy but arrogant as hell. A real know it all. He commuted to and from his home in AZ to fly two weeks on and two weeks off. He knew Spanish. He was in rare from this day. He was cranky because he had to stay on in town for another day to work instead of going back home and he was pissed - which is understandable, but made my job difficult.

Anyhow he comes over to the desk that I'm working at and is looking over my shoulder to read what all I've got filled out on the load manifest and in the most condescending voice I've ever heard says to me - that is NOT how you spell Jose, and didn't I know Spanish at all? then starts to give me a Spanish lesson in that H sounds are actually spelled with a J.

This immediately pissed me off. Foreign languages in bush AK school, yeah not so much.

I stood up, which moved him back from me a step or two.
Looked him right in the eye and lied.
I said he told me he spelled his name that way - hose.

He looked at me sideways for a moment, then walked away.

The kids howled with laughter!

And that is about all I know about Spanish.


Aunt Krissy said...

I remember that story now! Thanks for the belly laugh! Just like I almost paged Jesus to come to the counter cause I didn't know how you say it in Spanish!

Anonymous said...

You guys are funny. We have a friend who had a guy doing his yard work in Portland. His name was Jose. When Jose quit, our friend hired another guy named Jose. So, we called them "Hose A" and "Hose B". Thats great that your kids can speak Spanish.. that way if they ever move to AZ, they can survive!!

and "Buddy" may or may not have been his real name?? :-)



Nikker said...

Great story! (0:
I took one year of Spanish, because in no-where Idaho, that is all that was offered and they made us ALL take it. My Spanish name was Mercedes. Because I wanted to be cool! LOL!! I couldn't roll my tongue for "r" along with a many other issues... The Spanish teacher didn't fail me, but politely told me that I was one of the WORST students she'd ever had as far as learning to speak and pronounce properly! I truly admire people who can pick up a second language, it' hard! (0:
Oh, the good old days!!

NNN said...

Oh Kellie, Rose & Krissy - you really made me laugh. Krissy your "Jesus" reminds me of when called the Clarion bar from Dutch Harbor for them to page Mangor Ferkinstad (think that's how it's spelled)& his crew to advise of new flights. The bartender thought it was a joke - like page "Mike Hunt" and took awhile to convince him it was a real person. Rose - love the "Hose A" & "Hose B"!! Kellie, you should have reminded the pilot who might have been caleld "Buddy" about landing gear down when landing in D.H.!!

tainterturtles said...

Love that story Kellie. I don't know any spanish myself! I bet you miss the PennAir days!!!

SunnySD said...

Too funny! I don't know too much more than that myself - a couple years of indifferent German which I did not retain. Spanish probably would have been a lot more practical, lol!