Sunday, March 31, 2013

Remodeling and the wet

A year ago today we had buds on the trees.

Not this year though.

It rained cats and dogs yesterday morning until early afternoon. 
Really got rid of some snow.
It's a soupy mess around here, but that is ok it'll soon be dried and green. 

I spent most of yesterday working on the bathroom. 

Funny how one thing leads to another. 
You see a bubble in the paint above the tub and just have to scrape it off only to discover mold.

Or what you think is mold.

Upon further investigation and a whole lot of scraping later, find that it's not mold as you thought, but rust from that strip of metal that is on the corners/edges of drywall.
Which is good and bad.
Good that is's not mold, but time consuming and testing your amateur carpenter skills when that metal strip has to come out, the area cleaned, replaced, re-puttied, ect...

My plans for a tile floor have gone by the wayside since it's about a grand for tile alone.
The bathroom is rather large 17x10.
The more economical way is going to be glue less vinyl that comes in a big ass sheet that you cut in to fit.
This will allow new cabinets, mirror and toilet.

Sounds like we may be having company the last weekend of this month so I am really hoping to have it all done and looking good by then. 

The kids are done with the egg hunt and are snacking on candy.

Also, side note - thanks to Nicole for the awesome new way to cook Easter eggs!
You would not believe how easy those nasty eggs are to peal using this method!

I'm off to paint the ceiling and finish the wall prep.

Hope you all have a wonderful holiday :)


Ami said...

I didn't do any eggs this year. Or last. Kids just don't want to do them anymore. I need grandchildren.

I also need someone to do my bathroom. Can you come over and do that when you're done with yours?

Nikker said...

Happy Easter!!

Nicole said...

Yes, it's always great when you figure out that one project leads to another. Hubby has been redoing our office and got rid of cabinets (that became my pantry cabinets) and we found out that the wall behind them is turquoise while the rest of the wall is a tan color and we don't have paint for either because we didn't touch that wall. oy! Hope you get your bathroom finished in time, I have faith you will!

SunnySD said...

Bathrooms are officially my least favorite rooms to do anything with. Too much stuff in there too complicate everything. Kitchens are my next least favorite. Give me a nice bedroom that just needs paint, and I'm happy :)

Kind of miss the Easter egg excitement - but I'm looking forward to the clearance candy. The sour jelly beans that don't have any nasty licorice lurking in the package sound really good right now, lol!

Nicole said...

To answer your question on my blog, yes it is a giant frog, but it's in front of my sister in law's inlaws shack. here's a better picture of it.