Saturday, April 20, 2013


I was offered the job!
I start in the new position on Monday May 5th!
I'm excited and nervy too.

In my current position I am a processor of work
in my new position I will be auditing the product of other processors work.

When my promotion was announced yesterday you would not believe the amount of email/IM's that I received from co-workers telling me congratulations.

Each and every one had a little something else to say:

Take it easy on me when you do my audits
Remember what it's like to be on the producing side of things
Don't forget that you used to be my friend
I can't believe you went to the dark side
Why didn't you tell me you were a turn-coat
I suppose you'll be one of "them" now
Are you ready to be one of the hated
and many other little comments

I'm like are you fracking kidding me?!?
Bunch of ASS HOLES.

You folks are NOT my friends but work acquaintances and you will not have a problem with me in my new position


You do your job correctly.
man o man.
Pissed me off.

Because I do think I will be able to preform quite well in my new position.
I have actual working knowledge of the processes that are done on a daily basis. 
I know where the gray areas are and how they need to be handled. 


Damn it's cold out today. 
Was 15* when I got up.
Only expected to get up to 40* which is well below the average temp for this time of year - which is 60*.

Earlier in the week, we had a spot of sun - all the other days were snowy/rainy and cold.

Chyann got out the incredibly dirty Jenny.
Side A
(Yes those are the reigns tied. Not good my dear) 

Side B
Much cleaner now after a good brushing.

Caden showing me how the maple and willow trees are trying to get buds. 

And that round bale we got last Saturday?
As you can see this morning they've only enough left for today.

Lily licking her lips, saying yep bring out another. 

Have a good day. 
Stay warm. 


Happy 28th Anniversary to my Mother and Gerry!
Love you both


Aunt Krissy said...

Don't listen to all those "co-workers" that's what they are, co-w0rkers, not friends. I think that you will do well in your new job! Way to go!

Nikker said...

Congratulations on your promotion! (0: What's that saying...something about haters gonna hate? (0: Good luck and enjoy it!
Wow... 16?! I was being a sissy about it being 23 the last few mornings, your weather is making me feel warm! Here's to hoping to more spring like weather heading your way!

PAK ART said...

I remember when I went from co-worker to supervisor. I don't think anyone made comments like you got (sheesh!!!) but I did get the "now that your the boss" and "don't let it go to your head" and other crap like that. People have a hard time of just congratulating you and not saying something stupid. Do your job well and let the chips fall where they may. I recently had a co-worker call me a brown-noser becuase I do my best all the time. I think that's being a good employee, not sucking up.

SunnySD said...

Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!!! Congrats on the new job! Some people just have to grumble - ignore them :)

Tough to have a light colored horse in mud season. Two of ours found a really sticky spot to roll, and I've been picking mudballs out of manes and tails for the last couple of days - being very thankful I wasn't having to groom for riding, that's for sure.

Love the cow faces - those tongues!

Anonymous said...

Kellie Kellie Kellie Kellie - Congratulations!! I'm sure you will do a great job since you've done the job you'll be auditing. so do you still get to work from home?

enjoy the rest of the day and have a great week!


Kellie said...

Yep, still get to work from home.

I agree, diligent worker does not equal brown noser.

Thanks for the support ladies :)

Nicole said...

Congratulations! You'll knock 'em dead!!