Saturday, April 27, 2013

Mucky ride

but a great first spring ride!

We actually hit 70* yesterday!
The snow is melting fast - YAY!

Chyann came home from school and says come on lets ride!
Can you see the water standing in the field?

Scotch, my old boy was less than enthused to be tromping through the muck in 70* weather still wearing most of his winter coat hauling my ass around. 
He was willing, but definitely huffin and puffing - hot. 
So we didn't stay out too long, but oh was it wonderful!

The wind was just howling up from the South.
Smelled good, that hot wind. 
Like the promise of summer after this long winter.

Jenny has mostly shed out and didn't mind the heat at all.

Big weekend here. 

Tonight is PROM!
Stay tuned for photos of this fantastic event.

We've got a trap shoot/bingo fundraiser for breast cancer that some friends are putting on. 

Finally ready to move on with the bathroom. 
Decided to sand down our current cabinet and paint it. 
New faucets for the sink and tub.
Talk about the slowest moving renovation ever - or so it seems.
I'm guessing the reason it is picking up now is because everyone is using the Hubby's bathroom and he wants it back to himself lol

Have a good day :)


tainterturtles said...

A high of 73 degrees today. Everything came alive with the warm temps. Even the birds were happy!

Nicole said...

Sounds like a good time! And what's a little mud/water! I mean really!!