Sunday, March 24, 2013


Yeah, not quite yet.

We had a few days earlier in the week below zero in the AM and only getting to the low 20's for an afternoon highs.

This weekend though, we have climbed to the low 30's.
 Which actually feels pretty good and is melting some of the snow pack.

The horses are waiting for me to bring out breakfast.
Gypsy having a good stretch.


We managed to get through the high volumes of documents that needed to be processed.
Even had two whole weekends off - getting life back to normal (whatever that is).

Then "they" changed the process. 
What we could previously process in one hour is no longer even remotely possible.
Back to OT.
Somehow I managed to squeeze in 14 hours of OT between Wednesday and yesterday.

I applied for an internal position in another department last week.
Have a phone interview tomorrow.
Still a telecommuter position and same hours, but more money and if other folks are correct much less stress/bullshit.

Colton is home for Spring break.
It's so nice just having him here.
BUT my son you need to take the hint and vacuum/clean your stinking room.
When I park that vacuum in front of your door, this is me telling you that your room is a pit and to get with the program and clean!
NOT to literally walk around the vacuum for three days, as you have.

My bathroom remodel has stalled a bit.
I've got no energy and when I have energy there is no time.
Funny how that works.
However, I had previously requested next Friday off so I am really hoping to get a good chunk of it done next weekend.
Fingers crossed anyhow.

No big plans for the day here. 
Maybe a little cooking/baking.
Maybe a little laundry.
Maybe a little cleaning.
Maybe a little horse ride.
Maybe a little nap.

Bye :)


Nikker said...

Ugh, your spring weather is crummy! (0: Ours isn't great, but I can see the ground!!
Good luck on your promotion and better weather!!

Nicole said...

More money and less BS is always awesome! I hope this works out for you!!

SunnySD said...

Ditto on what Nicole said!

Hope things are starting to melt - although all that pristine white is pretty (and I know you want to smack me right now - lol!) at least temporarily. Just think how good your hay will be :)

I'm sitting here typing looking at three uncompleted "home-improvement" projects at the moment. Seems like something gets to the point of usable and something else that needs attention comes up, and.... Can't get to the tile behind the heater until it's not actually being used to heat the house. Can't get to the remaining bathroom trim until it's warm enough to paint and nice enough outside to use the saw. Ditto for the trim around the inside of the new window and the door... We'll never make Better Homes & Gardens around here, that's for sure. (Do they still publish that?)

Any-hoo... hope you had a relaxing rest of the weekend and this week isn't quite so wearing!