Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St Patrick's Day to ya!

Top O' the Morning!

Chyann spent Thursday and yesterday in Green Bay with the pep band cheering on our girls basketball team at the State tournament. 

Unfortunately they didn't win the gold, but did come home with the silver trophy. 
They gals played great and really, what an experience for them all. 
Chyann says it was the most exciting experience ever.

Whilst she was gone the boys cleared more snow. 
Starting with scooping the roof. 
Colton holding the ladder for the Hubby.
I wanted to tell -um, yell- at him to zip up your coat!
Put on a hat!!
Decided not to be a nag and within about 15 min he was back inside dressing more warmly. 

Yes, we do have our own skidsteer.
 It is currently in need of a whole compliment of hydraulic hoses.
Since it is not working we used our friends skidsteer to move the snow, got about 5 more inches.
Caden got a lesson on driving too.

I worked four hours yesterday and probably should have myself parked at the other computer right now, but I am just not feeling it. 

Had a great time at the wine tasting event on Friday.
Colton came with me and the Hubby was our driver. 
We ran into some of his friends and their parents.
They had an even bigger selection of wines to sample and more food too.

Worst wine though was Strawberry Rhubarb. 
Tasted like Strawberry chapstick - waxy and fake or something. 
Was a real let down. 
Am hoping the plain Rhubarb will be good, but they are out of it currently.
Will have to wait for the next batch to be made. 
Favorite wine this time was Sunset with Bliss a close second. 

I wonder how hard it is to make wine. 
We've got a ginormous rhubarb patch.
Going to have to do some research.

Later :)


tainterturtles said...

My son says it's not hard. Fruit, water sugar, yeast and then ferment. With the right equipment and a few other chemicals you can make wine. Even Trisha made Strawberry wine! Google it for more info.

Glad you had fun @ the wine tasting. I saw lots of cars there when I left work on Friday.

Lisa said...

I know it's not hard to make it from a kit,don't know about scratch though.

SunnySD said...

Dang, you sure are getting the snow! I was so excited about our puny 18" - LOL! The upper midwest is getting socked this winter. My folks are in the UP of MI, and my mom said the other day that the dog (she's good-sized) can almost see over the plowed driveway sides... not the plowed up part, just the driveway part. They haven't had a snow like that since I was a kid.

T makes beer, which is an interesting process. I don't drink it, but wine I could get behind. I'm partial to the sweeter fruit wines, but I don't think I've ever tried rhubarb. Sounds interesting. The horse show at the county fair back when I was in 4-H used to feature a "rhubarb race" where you ran your horse down, ate a 6" stalk of rhubarb, and raced back. I always kind of liked the taste of it raw, but eating it that fast sure made for some funny faces!

PAK ART said...

My son started making hard cider so we tried that too. That's easy. Then he has been brewing beers and that's worked well also. I've looked at instructions for wine and it doesn't look so hard, I bet you could.

Nicole said...

um... that wine sounds horrid! Yuck! I'm not sure I'd want to drink something that tastes like waxy chapstick :)