Wednesday, March 27, 2013

House cow and more

Pumpkin pie aka house cow napping.

 Yesterday morning I got an email from the hiring manager to set up an interview!
Tomorrow at 4p!

I'm excited!

Company policy dictates that I notify my manager of my intentions and advise him of the coming interview.
He is very supportive of my desire to move on within the company.
We spoke of work volumes and how another person is being moved to our team next week from within the company and since I was more than likely moving on, he would need even more personnel. 
That sounded promising, but we'll see.

The kids are off for the rest of the week and came home from school with big plans.
I said sure, just so long as the house is picked up and cleaned up. 
My lovely daughters reply was - why she didn't make this mess?

are you kidding me!?!?

Really irritated me. 
Which prompted my 
aah teenagers.

At which point after I handed out the list of things to do I said in a mocking voice Ok, I'm going to ride horses now!

Boy did that piss her off lol

I didn't ride, but did go out and do a little brushing and hoof picking.
Those furry beasts are really shedding, spring must be here.

And the melting is a wonderful thing.
The pool has water just running from the scupper.

Happy hump day folks :)


Nicole said...

Good luck on your interview! I actually have one today also... I'm scared though. So scared i might just throw up or cry... or both :) but mine is more secretive than yours :)

SunnySD said...

You got to do MY kind of spring cleaning (the horse kind is the best!) - and good for you for letting the kidlets do some house chores.

LOVE your house cow. She looks so absolutely out.