Friday, March 29, 2013


The sun it shines!

Melting more snow.

Revealing LOTS of shit that needs to be removed, as you can see below.
Very hard to clean up after the ponies when every thing was continually covered in fresh snow and now with the snow melting, oh man it is a mess.  

Also note how well Jenny's eye has healed up.


My interview yesterday was 45 minutes long and went pretty well I think.

With the exception of that FIRST stupid question about acting ethically, that had three parts to answer within 3 minutes.

I literally drew a bank.
I couldn't think of a thing to say - I choked.
Which is quite unusual for me; I've got that gift of gab and can talk to anyone about anything.

Then some weird thing that happened at the library when I worked there popped into my head and I rattled that off. 
Was totally not relevant to what he had asked.
I cringe when I think about answering that question.

After that, the interviewer spoke for a bit and that allowed me to gather my wits. 


deep breath 



somehow I did

 The other questions I answered with intelligence, coherent thought and RELEVANCY.

Hopefully he can get past that first bad answer I provided, because the rest of the interview went really well. 

I should hear something at the latest by April 10th.

My darling daughter went to the Mall of America with friends yesterday. 
Stayed in a hotel, swam and had a blast
She found the perfect Prom dress too.
Can't wait to see it when she gets home.

Can you believe she is old enough to go to the prom?

I'm off.
Time to get busy.
The bathroom awaits.

Take it easy :)


Anonymous said...

I'm sure you did fine.

Nicole said...

I'm sure the interview went fine! And Mall of America, so jealous. I really want to go there someday!

SunnySD said...

Don't stress over one question - if the rest of it felt okay, you're very likely good to go :)

Prom dress shopping so quickly accomplished? That's a minor miracle. Sounds like a good time was had by all, too. Hope the bathroom's progressing well.