Saturday, March 9, 2013

My favorite time of the day.

It's quiet and the coffee is good.

Had an appt in the Cities yesterday and squeezed in a stop at Home Depot on the way home where I browsed flooring, paint and tile. 
I got some de-stick stuff and spackle too.

I've been dreaming about this bathroom remodel for a while now and had an idea what my end result was going to be, but now I'm waffling on the colors - damn, decisions and more decisions to be made. 

Anyhow we made it home with daylight to spare and enjoyed the 40* temps till dark.

Pumpkin pie has sure grown.
She likes to go outside for short jaunts, then she scurries back into the safety/warmth of the house.

The Hubby holding Jenny after Chyann's ride.
Yes, he was chipping out a channel for the shit stream to flow. 

Caden digging out a new snow fort.
Can you tell how high this snow pile is?
Look at how far down the fence is.
We've got a lot of snow.

And because I didn't ride, Chyann decided Scotch must be feeling left out so she rode him and ponied Jenny along.
 Shasta can't be left behind, which really pisses Caden off. 
His dog shouldn't want to follow Chyann ever!

Why didn't I ride?
 Lets just say we had fast food on the way home and it totally did not agree with me. 

My incredibly handsome eldest son graced us with his presence later in the evening.
He has a ton of homework this weekend that he is slogging through.
(hard to get a good picture of this kid, he doesn't care to have his picture taken)

It's raining/sleeting this morning.

No big plans for the day.
Think I'll do some baking though.

Later :)


Nicole said...

Dang that is a high pile of snow! Wow! We got some rain yesterday also. It was nice! Our ground is so parched here!

I dated a guy who hated having his photo taken, at least your son doesn't flip you off every time you have the camera in his face :)

SunnySD said...

How's the tiling going? The image of the critters mincing across the sticky spots just killed me.

Really envious of those winter rides you guys are getting in!