Wednesday, March 13, 2013

This and that

Almost through another week.

9 more inches of snow.
Significant accumulation expected on Friday and Monday too. We are 7.5 inches away from an all time record for snow in the month of March. The weather guy said it is entirely possible we'll break the record.

During the last cold snap, the Hubby was driving my van and was at the grocery store. He turned the key and heard a shot! Thought some one was shooting either at him or near him. Turned out it was the drivers side door air bag that exploded! The concussion ripped the seat belt thingy off the side of the wall, blew the little seat belt stop off too. Scared the ever loving shit out of him!

He assumed it had deployed due to a short or something. Another thing to add to the "to do" fix list.

Last week we were at the store. He went out to sit in the van because he was tired of waiting for me and the kids. Started the van and BAM! The passenger side airbag deployed! Somewhat less of a scare since he knew no one was shooting at him lol

Now every time I get in the van to start it, I cringe. Will the main bags blow? So far so good. The Hubby is looking for replacement modules and chasing down wiring schematics. Hope he finds them soon.

My thoughts on exercising to DVD's at home - which I do every work day during my lunch break.
Exercise in your sports bra and undies, shoes and socks too of course.
This way you can see what you have got bouncing, flopping and thrashing around.

It might just motivate you to NOT eat that last piece of cake/handful of cookies/second helping of dinner or drink that fourth beer.
Try it. Sure works for me.

Another wine tasting event in town Friday and I'm looking forward to it. This time they are charging a 5 dollar cover charge (Sherri and I assume this is because we drank so much last time) and you get a free glass to drink from, and all the nibbles you want too. Unfortunately Sherri has other plans so I'm either having the Hubby or eldest son escort me (be my driver).  The lovely Krissy is in AK for a visit otherwise I'd talk her into coming.

Sweet dreams folks.
Here's to another day closer to Spring.


tainterturtles said...

Wow, that's scary when the air bag explodes. I didn't even know that could happen.

Could you give me a quick call tomorrow at work (Friday). I want to ask you to do a little detective work for me!!!

Ami said...

Okay, having the air bag deploy for no apparent reason? That's some scary shit right there.

But then, so is wine tasting.


SunnySD said...

Yikes! My most exciting car moment lately has been the blazer refusing to start - lights, binging, no turnover... Sigh. Very glad I got the Marvin the Martian version, cause I'm pretty sure if the airbag deployed I would have needed different pants!

I like your idea for exercise motivation - may just have to try that.

Nicole said...

Um... your van sounds scary! Is it a really old van??