Thursday, March 7, 2013

Random Thirsty Thursday

Hola Folks!

We got another 8 inches of snow this week and the kids ended up with a fourth snow day.
Which means they get to tack an extra day on at the end of the school year. 
Bummer for them lol

Only took me a hour or so every night this week to rip up the old floor in the bathroom. 
Glad that part is done. 
It was hell on my poor knees.

You sure wouldn't think it, but those old adhesive tiles left quite a bit of sticky behind.
Now if you walk on it you surely stick.
Funnier than shit to watch the dogs and cats traverse it though.
Going to have to find some kind of adhesive remover to put on it I suppose. 

The bathroom walls had wainscoting and when I took that off, a bit (ok, maybe more than a bit in some areas) of sheet-rock came too.
What a mess. 
Going to hit the hardware store tomorrow to get some shit to attempt to fix the sheet-rock and de-stick the floor.

Did I mention under the wainscoting there is old old old wallpaper that MUST come off?
Well there is. 
I've used that hot water and liquid fabric softener trick before.
Let's hope that it works on really old stuff. 

In other news...

Caden says to me the other day that he spoke with a British accent all day at school.
I said really? Let's hear it. 
So, he spins me a sentence and I tell him that I think that is more of an Australian accent and what did your teacher think? 
He said she laughed the first time and then ignored him!

Have you ever looked your address up on Google earth?
Caden did on his IPod the other day and showed me.
 I was amazed at what I saw.
The picture of our place was taken before the Elm came down and is amazingly detailed.
In fact I can see someone swimming in the pool, how crazy is that?

Another lost photo of  Caden at the Cowboy museum in Oklahoma City.

I've got the next three days off!

Have a good evening :)


Nicole said...

We took the wains coating off our walls and had nasty crap on the walls they used to put it up with so we did the tissue paper method to hide it all :). Plus one wall is concrete anyway so now they look alike :).

To get the adhesive off our kitchen floor (of course it's concrete...) we used a putty scraper and water and scrapped on it forever. It sucked. I hope you find something way easier to get that crap up with!

If you ever go to OKC again, let me know, we could meet up... lol :)

Nikker said...

8 inches of new snow??!! Ugh, makes me queasy just imagining it! We've gotten more snow, but not nearly that much. It's now on another melting trend. Hoping it holds!! (0:
I always wanted an accent... You'r boy's funny! Totally love it!!
Can't wait to see a photo update of your bathroom... I honestly had to Google wain's coating, had no idea what it was! (0: