Wednesday, July 4, 2012

HOT Stuff! and a soap box

Happy 4th of July!

It has been extremely HOT here all week. A friend told me the bank in town said 101* on Monday. Yesterday was a bit cooler, only 94* and the humidity has been in the 70's ~tropical rain forest wet.

Did I ever mention we have no air conditioning? Well we don't, but we do have North/South window that grab any breeze to bring it in and a pool that sees a lot of use during times like this. Some times I sure wouldn't mind having a/c though. To have it put in and only use it for a few days here and there throughout the summer months, doesn't justify the expense at this point I don't think. So we will swim a lot and have cool beverages to make it through.


Chyann's arm is looking fabulous! She is getting some pazazz back too. Enough to actually venture out to ride Jenny briefly in this hot.

Caden and Chyann both had a few friends over for a pool party during the day on Monday, which turned into a slumber party with them putting up the tent in the backyard and all of them sleeping in it. And let me tell you it happens EVERY TIME WE PUT THE TENT UP - a monsoon comes during the night and swamps the tent. I woke up at 315a to the wind howling, checked the radar and see a monster of a storm heading our way. I wake up the kids and we manage to get most of the tent shit in the house before the black skies open up to drench everything left!

We sure needed the rain though so I'm not complaining and the tent didn't get badly damaged either.

And my lovely eldest son happens to be sick yet again with the sore throat that has plagued him off and on since the end of May. Finally able to get in to see his primary doc instead of the urgent care dudes and it is determined that he has a whopper case of tonsillitis. That if not totally knocked out by this last round of super antibiotics will require that he have them removed. WTH! He had his adenoids out eight years ago and the docs then wouldn't remove them because they weren't "diseased" and now they are. Nice. Might not make it through 2012 with no operations after all. damn, but that is ok. He needs them out WE WILL GET THOSE INFECTED LITTLE BUGGERS OUT!

I swear. And folks piss and moan about health care reform. The folks that are against it don't freaking need or use their insurance (if they've even got it) like we do.  We've rode the edge of financial ruin for way too many years.

Think about this: we've lived in WI for 10 years now and we've had 10 surgeries in that amount of time (not counting all the shit we had done in AK). Sure we have insurance and it's GOOD insurance, but when you've got that many bills associated with keeping your family healthy, shit has got to change somewhere. I don't know if the current laws are 100% the answer, but this country has got to start somewhere.

ok, off the soap box. I get a wee bit jacked up about health care reform/insurance.

Hope you and your family have a safe Independence Day!


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, we're living in England right now and there's no AC here! Ugh...

You know I agree with you about health care reform! Right now, I'm fortunate enough to live off the taxpayer dollars, and that includes my healthcare, as a military dependent. But come next August, hubby's enlistment ends (this is just not the career for him) and he'll go to school. That leaves me wondering how things are going to work out, especially for healthcare.

So I hope this bill helps us and many, many others!

SunnySD said...

Hope all are getting healthier daily over your way! I grew with no AC and lived my first 10 years here in SD without it. Glad to hear you at least get some good breezes and have the pool!

I envy you your monsoon, soaked slumber partiers and all - it's very dry here, and all the storms keep splitting and swinging right around us. Sky is bright blue and the thermometer's reading 100' at the moment. I'm ready for fall!