Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hot weather activities

Yes, I got the carpets shampooed yesterday.
It about freaking killed me even though I got it done relatively early in the day. That rotten chore is done for another year. I don't know why, but it always surprises me how gross our carpets get. No doubt a huge majority of it is because we have pets in the house.


I vow to only do shit I want to do.

Like nap, which I've already done today or go through the pictures on my computer and have them sent off to be printed finally. I take a shit load of pictures and rarely get them printed.

Came across a few cute ones I thought I'd share.

Caden the powboy

Chyann posing for a picture in a patch of lady apples next to a pile of horse shit. Only at our house.

Colton and the sweet Benny. Who mysteriously disappeared about a year ago.

I love looking at old pictures.
We have a good life.
The kids may not realize it yet, but they are as fortunate as fortunate can be.

Time for a break and a dip in the pool!
Bye :)

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Ami said...

I want my carpet GONE but of course one would have to replace it with something and that takes money which I don't have.


So glad you're taking a little break, you deserve it!!!

Swim a lap for me. :)