Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Come take a wet walk with me

The storms woke me up at 130a and I'd only just gone to bed at midnight.

Closed all the windows and unplugged anything in the house that could get zapped by lightning.

Managed to doze off until about 3a when the house started shaking from the high winds. Must have had some hail in there somewhere because it sounded like a machine gun hitting the house.

Up again at 415a when the Hubby went to work. The thunder just rolled and rolled. Lightning continually lighting up the sky and the wind howled.

Finally dozed off at 530a when Colton got up for work and slept in till an unheard of 9a!

My morning walk in photos as follows:

Boy did we get some rain. No idea how much but at least a couple inches I'm thinking.

The pool is FULL and needs to be vacuumed.

Tomato's look like they got a good drink. Not so stressed looking.

Of course the barn area totally washed out again AND the damn fencer got blown.

Trippy, the three footed cat, is happy to see me.

Casper is demanding his breakfast! Bring on the food already!

Think I'll bite Scotch too. The pecking order is changing with Cowboy gone. I'm tempted to call his new owner and see how he is doing, but don't want to seem like a weird horse stalker.

Start pushing that wheel barrow!

Fed them up on the hill since their feeder is in an area that got washed out and is really sandy now.
Picture of that didn't turn out well.

Soon as I'm done with my coffee I'll be taking my shovel out to fill in those washouts before one of them breaks a leg.

The cows on dry land, nice and happy.

Cookie sure is getting big. I didn't realize when I took these pictures that it was so grey and dreary out causing the auto flash to kick on. The animals look eerie with their glowing eyes.

Socks looking on as well.

Our little herd.

Millie, who is just over a year old now.

A bit of washout along the driveway too.

I'll let the Hubby deal with these.

The corn looks ever so much better after the rain this morning.

Yesterday when I looked at the corn I was thinking the title of this post would be DROUGHT! We are still on the dry side here in western WI, but this rain sure helped give farmers some hope of having a corn crop this season.

Looks like we could get even more rain throughout the day as well.
Bring it on!

Happy Humpday!


SunnySD said...

So glad to hear you all had rain over that way! We got enough to get the garden damp, but not enough to even moisten the ground under the trees. Sure kicked the humidity up some, though.

Nikker said...

Glad you got some rain! Dry is not good!!
Hope you enjoy the rest of your vacation!!

tainterturtles said...

Wow, I like all your photos Kellie.

I was happy to see the rain this morning and tonight. Hopeful that we'll have a better night for sleeping with the cooler temps!!!