Saturday, June 30, 2012

June wrap up

First and formost, Chyann is continuing to heal and fight the infection. For most of the week she did very little, not even going out to see the horses - which really tells you how poorly she was feeling. The docs say to continue with the antibiotics, cleaning and watching.

It's unbelievable to me how a gouge/slice from a cat can screw you up so bad. Every doctor we saw all said "did you get rid of the cats", "cats are the worst" and one even went so far as to say "kill all the cats". Apparently cats cause a lot of injuries and ER visits. And no we didn't get rid of any cats, Harvey is just not allowed in the house now.

With any luck Chyann will continue to mend and be right as rain before too long.

Caden is about done with baseball. His 3rd grade team played our school's 4th grade team twice last week, they won the first 11 to 3 and lost the second 10 to 5. Caden pitched the fourth inning during the second game and did very well.

No games this coming week due to the Holiday, and only two games the following week to end the season.

It's been hot and muggy here and we've been seeing some pretty cool clouds because of it. The below pictures were taken off the back porch.

I mentioned previously that I put an ad on craigs list to sell Cowboy and had some interest; looks like I've got him sold. He wont be leaving until July 15th though and wont be going far, about eight miles to the west, to a cowgirl who wants him for her grandkids. Cowboy will be pampered and loved there.

Preparations have begun for Colton's freshman year at UW River Falls. The gathering of stuff he will need to live in the dorms.

About the girlfriend... Apparently she has told him to do your thing and I'll do mine, if we happen to meet again that would be great and if not, it was fun while it lasted. Smart of her, but jeez he is crushed.
I'm sure that is a big reason he is anxious to start school, like a new chapter. Meet new people and all that.

We had been planning a week long vacation to OK to see my Mother and Gerry in July, but Gerry got a fantastic paying job in my hometown of Cold Bay when he went up to work on the house they own there and will not be back to OK until mid October. Not sure when we will venture South to see them now, maybe Thanksgiving or something like that.

Thank you all for you well wishes for Chyann, they were much appreciated.

Time to pull some weeds - have a good weekend :)


Ami said...

Wow, the cloud pics are very cool!

Glad your girl is better... but I have to agree with the whole cat sentiment, I just don't love them.

Matt has a broken heart right now, too. It makes me sad. Hard, you can't fix it and want to... no matter how old they are.

Hope you have a good weekend. And I haven't forgotten that I plan to send you a little surprise.

tainterturtles said...

I love your clouds pictures!

I feel for Colton....kinda saw that one coming. Once he's off to college, he won't look back.

90 degrees all next week, yikes!

lyndylou said...

Hiya, sorry to hear that Chyann has been unwell. It must have been quite worrying that a scratch can cause her to be that unwell. Glad she is perking up now.

Holly went through similar heartache a couple of summers back and it was so tough to watch. She got through it though and came back even better :)