Sunday, July 29, 2012

20/20, dirt bikes and riding

Another long and busy week.

I know I've posted about this subject it before, but since I never employed the labels function on blogger, I've no idea where the post is, so here we go again. lol
Chyann has amblyopia and has been treated for it since she was 3 years old.
Her doctor in AK got her in a study called PEDIG - Pediatric Eye disease Investigator Group.
Her vision at the time in her left eye was 20/2200, which is pretty much blind. She started wearing glasses at age three and we patched her right eye to "make" her left eye see. Basically turning it on and creating new neurological connections in the brain from the left eye to the seeing center in the brain.

As you can probably imagine patching a 3 year old's only seeing eye was pure hell!

Crying, running into walls and falling down because she couldn't see, stressing her enough to make her have outbreaks of shingles and a host of other guilt inducing shit.

(when we moved to WI we started seeing a world renound doc at the Mayo clinic in Rochester, MN)
We persevered and over the last 11 years her vision has steadily improved.

We took a road trip to visit her doctor on Thursday at the Mayo Clinic and he gave us the fantastic news that her vision is now 20/20 in her left eye!! Right eye is even better at 20/16!

Imagine that!!

The study she is in will be over when she is 15, but will continue to see this doctor at Mayo forever if I've got anything to say about it.

Interestingly enough this condition is totally treatable if caught early and IF you treat it consistently. If you don't treat it your child the vision imparement could be lasting. New studies involving adults who have untreated amblyopia are currenly underway and some participants are showing slight improvements, which is great!

When the study is over she could quit wearing glasses.
Sounds like the study folks are putting together another study on what happens to these kids when they quit wearing their glasses - will their vision decrease? if so to what degree? should they always wear glasses as a precaution to protect their vision from changes? and a host of other questions.

Her doctor says weather we participate in the new study is up to Chyann and what her future aspirations are. Like what kind of occupation will you choose? something that requires sharp crisp vision? or something that may not require fine detail work? If it is something that requires the best vision, like an orthopedic surgeon or vet (which is what she is currently leaning towards) he says we shouldn't take the chance that she could loose valuable vision - keep wearing the glasses.

So, we'll see when the study ends what happens...

In the mean time, we are soooo proud! 20/20 vision!!! YAY!!
Doing some testing in funky glasses.

In other news...

Caden got a new/used dirt bike.
The Hubby has been looking for just the right one for a while.

The Hubby is the deal master and was able to get this one for practically nothing.

Got to love a good deal. 

As you can imagine Caden was thrilled!

And no, we do not let him ride in the attire shown below, but he did get to sit on it wearing the shorts before his first ride.

Long pants, proper shoes, jacket and HELMET are a must!

We've had cooler temps this week so Chyann and I have been doing quite a bit of riding.

I took Scotch since he'd not been out in a while. I'm sure I look dorky as hell on him, but that's ok. Truth be told he is my favorite horse to ride now days.
He is practically spook proof, although he did give a bit of a jolt when a deer sprang out in front of us and Jenny jolted a bit too and turned away, but didn't freakout at all - thankfully.

And they both were nose in the air for a bit after we came upon a flock of turkeys.

Scotch having a bite of corn.

Picture of the area we would have had to traverse on the road had we not found another area to go through. A little poking around and we found an alternate route that will be perfect.

Another picture of my favorite tree.

Came across this rock pile in the middle of a field that looks suspiciously like a grave. Didn't get a good picture of it though.

Looking back at Chyann and Jenny.

Caden also had his last, really the last, baseball game last week as well and his team won 7 to 3!
Was really close for a bit and both teams got three outs when they had bases loaded.
Very exciting!
I LOVED this baseball season!

A good, but busy week.

Currently it is raining. A nice soaking rain. My garden is gulping it in.

Have a good one!
Toodles :)


PAK ART said...

Wow - poor Chyann has really been through the wringer. I knew about the leg issues but had no idea she had amblyopia also. She is a strong girl! I wold love to come horseback riding with you, does Kris ever? I love catching up on your family, your kids are awesome!

Ami said...

I love reading that her vision has improved so much and that there's hope for so many kids who are diagnosed early.

I once had a little guy in my care who'd had his first eye surgery at the age of two. (different condition) He was 7 when I got him, and his mom still wept at the memory of blood coming from his tear ducts when he was a little guy.

You are so busy... it seems that your life is never boring. I'm envious of the horse riding, although at this point, I am pretty sure I could carry a horse easier than one could carry me!

Nikker said...

Your daughter has been through a lot! The info on her vision issue was interesting...
My husband likes to "deal" but what he REALLY enjoys is "horse trading". I just pay what they say... That bike rocks! Hope he gets many hours of enjoyment!

Aunt Krissy said...

I'm just excited that Chy has such good sight now! I wish I was that good.