Saturday, July 14, 2012

Was harder than I thought

Cowboy was sold yesterday.
I cried.

I've been saying for a few years that we needed fewer horses or more riders at our house, but none of they boys have been interested, so I made the decision to try and sell Cowboy. It didn't take long to find a buyer who I thought would be a good fit for him.

His new owner and her grand kids will take the best care of him and give him lots of love. Even knowing all of that, I was sure sad to see him go. I think our other horses miss him too.


It's been another busy week. Still warm, but with less humidity so quite comfortable.

It rained here three times yesterday and they were all good soaking rains, which we really needed.

I'm off all this next week for vacation and am not really sure what, if anything, I'm going to do. If all would have went as planned I'd have been sitting in my mothers kitchen right about now drinking coffee with her after just having eaten the best breakfast of biscuits and gravy with sliced tomato's on the side. I miss you mom.

Have a good weekend!


Ami said...

I fall in love with animals. On the good side, that means they are well cared for.

You know what the sad side is.

And not having a mom anymore?

PAK ART said...

sorry things didn't work out as planned. Cowboy is sure a cute pony. I wish we were already retired - I'd love to have Casper - just watching all the fun Chyann has had with Casper makes him seem like the ideal children's horse. Someday.

A Lady's Life said...

Small horses are favorites at barrel races They make sharper turns than the big horses so they win races. The kids love them.
And they sure do know it. :)I know how you must feel. I'm crying and it's not my horse :(