Friday, July 20, 2012

Nice day

Shasta Breeze loves to fetch her ball.
She will play for hours.

Caden is off at a friends house to spend the night.

Colton has gone to Rock-Fest.
He wont be home until Monday and I am trying not to worry too much about him. He is smart and hopefully wont find himself in any trouble or tight spots. He has orders to call every day so we know he is ok.

So it was just Chyann, the Hubby and I.
We went into town and did the weekly shopping, even got some school supplies.
Came home and took a little nap.

Then Chyann and I took a ride.
 I rode Scotch since it had been a while since he's been out and you could sure tell. If he didn't have his nose in the air, he had it down trying to eat. Drove me nuts. Chyann riding Jennifer had the same problem.

Our usual riding area has been changed. We don't own a lot of land, but are friendly with the neighbors and they let us ride on their property. Apparently they are gearing up to put about 20 cows on a section of land and fixed/installed a bunch of fencing. They said we can just take it down when we want to ride, but I'd sure hate to screw that up somehow and have the cows get out. So we scouted a new route.

To get around the fenced area we are going to have to ride on the side of the road for about a quarter mile. I don't care to ride on the road especially with some of the big ass sand trucks coming and going, but we've got to ride somewhere so we will figure something out.We do have a trailer, but rarely haul anywhere - might have to change that.

No big plans for today, other than mow and pull some weeds.

also, question for you.
How do you store pictures taken with a digital camera?
Just looking for a better/different way to store mine.


Ami said...

Store pics on my computer, on a memory stick, and upload the best ones to snapfish, who will store them free as long as you order something from them once a year.

I hope you figure out a good route to ride without the cars. :)

tainterturtles said...

I worry about Rock Fest too, but I'm sure Colton is being responsible.

After losing all my digital photos 2 years ago when my laptop died, I now back up my photos to an external hard-drive.