Sunday, July 8, 2012

Cold front and relief

Friday when I got off work I had to do the dreaded weekly grocery shopping in Chippewa Falls, which is about 15ish miles to the SE. The van thermometer read 102*!
That is the hottest temp I've seen since the summer of 2002 when we moved here, then it was 106* and I was miserably pregnant..... anyhow..

Just about sundown the cold front moved through with lots of wind and bringing much cooler temps. We went from the high 90's to about 75* in a the space of an hour.

Major relief.

Looking out the dining room window to the NW more cool clouds.

From the back porch looking SW

Yesterday and today we are back to more normal temps of mid 80's with humidity that is tolerable.

The garden is growing well. The mulch sure helps cut down on the weeds, but as you'll see I've definitely got some pulling ahead of me now that it's cooled down some.

Hot banana

The big garden looking west to east.
The pumpkin are flourishing, only one cucumber left - think the bunnies got the others, beans getting ready to flower, hot peppers, sweet peppers and 40 tomato plants.

At the edge of the garden you can see the tarp we put down on the lower third of it. We loaded it up with manure, mulch, lime and tilled it good. Gonna try spuds there next year and wanted to really enrich the soil so we'd get a good crop - sans the freaking Colorado potato beetle. Fingers crossed it works because if it doesn't I'm not going to mess with taters again.

Lemon boy tomato just about ripe.

It is going to be a bumper apple year. All the trees are loaded and looking good.

Cowboy, Jennifer and Casper waiting for me to feed them some apples.

Looking forward to doing some riding again this coming week since the temps have fallen.

Back to school ad's are already being printed in the newspaper and heard some on the radio too.

The whole family played baseball at Caden's practice yesterday morning since only three kids showed up. Was the best fun I'd had in a long time!

Think it's time for a nap. Bye :)

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SunnySD said...

Gorgeous garden! I have just tomatoes this year - lots of those, but I didn't monkey with anything else. I can remember as a kid picking potato bugs off all the plants for a penny/10 bugs. Uck.

Glad to hear you all got some relief from the heat, finally!

Aunt Krissy said...

I bet the A/C at the store was wonderful though! So maybe shopping not so bad? Garden looks nive. I put some hay around my plants this year after seeing how you did yours last year. Not the whole garden, just around some plants.

PAK ART said...

I do not think I would survive that heat without a/c. I suppose if you get used to it gradually though. Glad to hear Chyann's arm is better. I understand your thoughts on health care/reform, however, I don't think this particular plan is the best. I wish they could work together to create something that would work instead of all or nothing. I keep hearing how it's going to increase costs for families currently without insurance which will make it even harder for them. I don't know the solution, just glad you do have insurance because you sure have had more than your share of health issues with the kids!

A Lady's Life said...

What a beautiful horse . Must have very expressive eyes)