Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Hello August!

It's the dog days of August around here.
About 95* here today, so instead of going out and weeding, let's look at some garden pictures from last weekend.

The green beans looking North.
Those are Pumpkins/melons on the left and Hot peppers on the right.

Looking to the Eastish.
Hot peppers, sweet peppers and tomato's.

All pumpkin/melon pictures were taken from the edge of the garden, as it's waaay too spiky and scratchy to try to venture into the foliage to see more.

This guy is HUGE!

Little muskmelon.

I think this small yellow fleshed watermelon is about ripe for picking.
Gonna try him out this weekend.

This is taken with me standing next to the trunk of the Lady apple tree.
The branches are so heavy with apples the branches are almost touching the ground.

Going to do some pickling of these soon.

The horses and cows love them too.
Only problem is finding a willing apple picker-upper.

This is my unwilling apple picker-upper.
Cuz he's got waaay too many other fun things to do than pick up apples.

Too bad baby :)

My big accomplishment was doing up a batch of spicy dilly beans.
I didn't have enough of any kind so I picked all the green, yellow and purple.
The purple will turn white after processing and the yellow will fade some too.

Have a GREAT humpday!


Nikker said...

Goodness...August already! Some how I missed it. (0: Your garden looks amazing...and the Dilly Beans, mmmm!

tainterturtles said...

Your garden looks great Kellie!