Thursday, June 7, 2012

This and that

Another week almost done.

Caden's baseball team won their first Tuesday night 7-1!! YAY! Those boys were super stoked up!
He caught a ball and got a kid out, but struck out both times he was up to bat - bummed him out, but he really did great.

One kid was laying down out in right field and his mother starts screaming at him to GET UP! He pops up a bit and looks around like is she talking to me? decides she must not be talking to him and proceeds to try doing the splits. Finally realizing she IS shrieking at him and gets up. lol goofy kid.

what else is new?

My favorite gal Kris is coming over for lunch today.

Work is interesting. I work for a big company. You are measured on your quality of work and production - how much you "should do" in an hr. Recently there has been a huge run of folks (not just in my department either) getting quality errors - otherwise knows as QA's. If you get x amount of errors you get a warning, then a corrective action thing in your file. After the first corrective action, if you keep screwing up you can get another, but if you get ONE more you get fired. oh, and don't forget to keep your production UP!

Everyone thinks that since most of the work is going to India, the company is really nit picking shit to get you on. Make it easier to get rid of folks that way. In fact we've lost three people from my team in less than a month. Makes one a bit nervy to hit that save button and track your work.

I totally understand the need to be accurate in your work, but come on everything and anything you do can totally be fixed. It's not like if you make an error you've killed someone or caused un-repairable damage. What a crock. Some days I think I'd be happier stocking shelves at wal-mart.

I've been casually checking out other options, we'll see what happens.

In other news...

 Colton's girlfriend goes back to Serbia on the 17th and I fear he will be devastated. Young love and all that.

She plays the piano wonderfully. Been playing since she was six I guess. She is teaching the kids some basic stuff.

Picture of a hot evening a few weeks ago, before the garden was planted, with her playing some amazing music.


Anonymous said...

By the time I read this, its lunch time for you. If you read this before Kris leaves, give her a big smooch for me. I hope you had a nice visit.


Ami said...

Good luck with checking other options. Hope you find something that's exactly what you need... corporations suck in a lot of ways.

PAK ART said...

Don't you just love how the "experts" can tell you how fast to work and how many errors you can have. It's so frustrating. I love reading about your kids and their lives. Chyann really had a near miss on the horses!