Saturday, June 9, 2012


That I would be browsing facebook, or buttbook as we call it, this am drinking my coffee and minding my own business when I come across a post from 5 hours ago saying MY SON IS NOW MARRIED TO THE GAL FROM SERBIA??????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!


Don't know if I should shit my pants, have a heart attack, hope it's a hoax or what.

The possibility that they would get married has been in the back of my mind for the last few months kind of like one of those late night WHAT IF games you play when you can't sleep. I've talked to the Hubby about it and he is of the opinion that we can't stop him. And we did what we wanted when we were young and he can do what he wants. Don't know if I'm on board with that hippy ass philosophy.

Hell, last I talked to Colton, which was about 8p last night, he and the band were setting up for a show at the House of Rock in Eau Claire and he was bitching about playing last, not starting till midnight and then having to pack up, come home and STILL get up for work this morning.

He was here. I went to the bathroom at 440a and he was home sleeping in his bed like a baby.

When I got up at 630a, he was gone to work like the supposed man he is..

So, when did this marriage take place? Between band sets last night? or Last weekend when they went to the cities and stayed in a hotel? I tell ya I was nervy then, worried they'd get married.


Where she is I don't currently know. He is at work - or should be at work, and not answering my calls - Menards doesn't let their employees have their phones with them while working.

So we wait.

I am searching for some zen here folks.

Stay tuned, more drama ahead...........................

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Ami said...

Holy shit.
Oh dear, oh my, oh my god.

Update us!!