Monday, June 25, 2012

Obstacle course, ER visit and 41

I really had big plans for the weekend. Three days off to enjoy and get shit done.

Saturday was good. Did some cleaning, ran an errand, came home to mow and it was raining lightly so I decided a nap might be in order - three hours later I got up feeling quite refreshed, like I actually had some energy to do something.

Apparently it only rained for a bit so Chyann got busy while I was napping and set up an obstacle course for the horses. Easy choice to ride instead of mowing when I got up.

Switched horses, but not saddles. First time I'd ridden Jenny since last summer. She sure has come along nicely since Chyann has begun focusing all her time one her.

Chyann and Jenny just flying along

while Gypsy and I bring up the rear.

Hell of a good time.

Even got in a little mowing around the house with the push mower before calling it a day.

Harvey, one of the cats we got from Krissy, reappeared up at the house while the Hubby was BBQing dinner. We let him in and gave him lots of love. He is the most affectionate cat I've ever seen. He wants LOVE NOW and will harass you until you give it.

We all went to bed about 11p only to be woken up at midnight by Chyann screaming!

I raced to her room to find her trying to break up a cat fight between Harvey and her cat Gracie.

She doesn't know exactly what happened or who got her, but when it was all said and done Chyann's right forearm was sliced and punctured terribly.

We were out of the house and at the ER by 12:30a.

3.5 hours and three staples later we were back home.

The gash was very deep and appears to have severed a nerve as she has lost some feeling in parts of her hand and has some tingling in other parts. Her arm is swollen and bruised. They gave her antibiotics to prevent infection, but it is still very red and angry looking - hot to the touch too. We are watching it closely.

Poor kid.

Sunday found us all sleeping in trying to make up for lost sleep.

Cleaned out the barns and banded our soon to be steer Socks.

You would be amazed at how strong these calves are! Nothing but brute strength!

And today is my Birthday.
 41. eesh.
I've taken the day off , but have no big plans. Need to finish mowing, do a little house cleaning/laundry and go to Caden's baseball game. There might be some cake involved as well.

Toodles ;)


Ami said...

Happy Birthday!
A few years ago my son baked me a cake that had roses and everything... and in his best, I-work-in-a-bakery writing, it said, 'put another wrinkle in your birthday suit'.

Hope your girl heals up with no complications. I don't love cats, but fighting has never been a reason on the list. Now it is, so thank you for that.

We had a horny cat on our porch 2 nights ago, yowling and yowling.

Eric went outside in his underwear and had a conversation with it.

So it left.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Kellie Kellie Kellie Kellie Kellie!!

hope you have a nice, relaxing one.

Get well soon to Chyann. Guess Gracie doesnt think Harvey is the most affectionate cat she's seen!!

love you.

Mikey said...

Happy Birthday! Here's to a peaceful and quiet day for your birthday :)

tainterturtles said...

Happy Birthday Kellie girl! Sorry to hear about Chyann's cat injury....yikes.

Nikker said...

Happy Belated Birthday!
Hope the kiddo is better...I will read on and get the scoop! (0: I have a scar from my parents crabby nailed when I was 10, and at nearly 38, you can still see the darn thing!