Saturday, June 16, 2012

Week in review and a PRO game

This last week was incredibly hectic it seems.

Chyann started drivers ed. She has to be hauled there at 8a and picked up at 10a Monday thru Friday. I take her on my first break and pick her up on my lunch. It is usually about a 7 minute drive to town, but our road is being completely re-done, all the way to town and is a huge pain in MY ASS!!! not to mention freaking loud when you are trying to work.

I've got another two weeks of hauling her back and forth. Hope they work weekends to hurry up and get it done. And really why is the course only two stinking hours a day? Why not get it all done in say 4 eight hour days instead of dragging it out for three weeks. What if I wasn't working from home and wasn't able to take her in for it? No idea what we'd do as it is required in WI to have this class time before you can get your permit, which she wont be able to get until next spring anyhow.. GRRRR this whole thing makes me cranky.

Caden has done swim lessons for these last two weeks as well, from 10a till 1p - the bus picked him up and that was GREAT!. Heard he passed and is now a master swimmer.

Yes, I said heard he passed, cuz I haven't seen him since Thursday night.
 Due to having to work in the office on Friday for a "team building day" (what a joke that was) the kids spent the night at one of our friends' house so they could both still do their driving and swim lessons. Same place that Colton's girlfriends stays too.

To complicate Friday further, a friend of Caden's invited him to go to the Minnesota Twins and Milwaukee Brewers game in the cities last night. How could he say no to that! The kid was so excited! He told everyone he was going to the game!

Only problem was the kid's mom would have to pick him up at the other friends house, right about the same time the Hubby was picking up Chyann. Kinda awkward. Yeah thanks for watching my kid this other gal is now taking him to a pro game and yet another sleepover away from home, oh and your kid is not invited. eesh

Got a text from the mom last night asking if we were watching the game because the two boys were up on the big screen! HOLY COW!! How exciting is that!
And no we were not watching the game. To be honest I didn't even think about watching it. We've never watched a pro game before and it didn't even occur to me that they could be on tv. drat.

Can't wait to hear all about it when he gets home today.

We put an ad out to sell Cowboy. Had some interest. Sounds like someone might come and have a look at him today. Hate to see him go. He is such a sweet boy, but I'd rather see him go to a nice home and get the attention he deserves than hang around here getting ornery from not being handled enough.

Chyann has been thinking this about Casper too, but she is not ready for that step yet. She loves him.   But..

has definitely moved on the big horses.

Had some amazing storms and rain all day Thursday. Time to mow again.

My eldest, if you will remember was sicker that hell about three weeks ago. Even with my harassing and reminding it took him almost three weeks to finish 10 days of antibiotics. Can we all say dip shit here?! So guess what.... He had to go back to the docs on Thursday because he appeared to have the same illness he previously had and the docs don't really know what it is going on. Not strep, not mono or any other thing they tested for, but they gave him more antibiotics - souped up ones that he WILL TAKE AS PRESCRIBED! and is feeling better already. Must be a bacterial infection of some kind to respond to the antibiotics that fast.

 And what a lousy time to be sick again - the girlfriend goes back to Serbia tomorrow. Hell of a lesson to be learned, but if you don't take care of your health as you should you can't depend on being healthy when you most need to.

Alright, enough ass time. I'm off to pluck some weeds. Have a nice day :)


Aunt Krissy said...

Well, with the road contruction, I wave at you each and every day as I'm going so slow on that road! But then your not there to see it, To bad! I flashed you! WOw Caden on the big screen! That would have been neat to see.

Miss you. Maybe this week will work out to come by Thursday. I'm at the Menomonie Library now on their wifi

Ami said...

I love your blog, little slices of life. I always enjoy reading here.

And I want to adopt Casper, but I have no room or need for an adorable little pony.

But I have a GREAT idea... you should have another baby!! Then you can keep Casper and teach that NEW baby to ride!

Isn't that a great idea??

Kellie said...


tainterturtles said...

So when the heck did your life get so busy girl??? After reading your post my head is spinning. I think someone needs a big old margarita!!!! Make sure Krissy is there to have one too...ha, ha!