Sunday, June 10, 2012

The news is good

I worried and fretted for a few hours yesterday until Colton called and said no he wasn't married.

I asked why in the world would you put shit like that out there?
He said it was a joke.
 A JOKE?!!?
That was the stupidest thing I've ever heard. A joke.

Apparently the only way the girlfriend can stay in America without being accepted to a college is to marry an American (see that is what I was worried about) and a lot of her friends think they should just get married so she can stay.

As a joke on their friends they decided to say they got married and she was staying.
Now that is just dumb, but pretty typical of two dorky ass kids in love I think. They had no idea I would decide yesterday was the day I would actually go on facebook and start the freak out ball rolling.

Colton was very contrite and sorry that he got me all jacked up.

He told me quite sincerely that they had talked about actually getting married now, but he said neither of them were ready to take that step.

For one thing he said what do I have to offer a wife? He said nothing. I live with my parents and want to go to college and a wife would not fit into that scenario. For another, she doesn't want to get married at all - maybe never. She wants to go to college and for her to go here in America the cost would be at least double the tuition than what a citizen would pay and she couldn't afford that. She is happy to be going to college in Rome where it is much cheaper.

So, they will wait and see what happens. 
Time, you know is a mysterious thing. It can change your feelings and perceptions. 

Still pisses me off though - jeezus Married. Not funny at all.


We ended the day on a more calm and relaxed note.

Sure was hot! About 93* I think.

Watching the kids play in the pool, having a beer and the Hubby BBQ'ing. 

Was nice to hear all the laughing and giggling.
 Although Chyann did bonk her chin on Caden's head at one point and bloodied her lip. Ouch!

Shasta and Tater got to cool off too.

Saw this scary dude attempting to make a hive on the porch railing. Got rid of that in a hurry I tell ya.

Another day in the high 90's is forecast. Hope they cancel Caden's baseball practice.

Have a good one :) 


Aunt Krissy said...

Wow, that was close! YOu could have had a new daughter!

Ami said...

Okay, I am relieved on your behalf.
I woulda been shitting bricks had I seen that on my son's FB.

Damn, that's hot! I thought you lived in Wisconsin, not the anteroom of Hell.

It's gonna be in the high 60s here today. Thank goodness.