Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Storm Damage and getting lucky

It's been HOT and stormy this week.

Yesterday about 530a we had a whopper of a storm roll through. High winds and lots of rain. When it was all said and done we had two trees down.

Course one is my all time favorite tree.
I actually think it may have been struck by lightning as where the branch broke off on the trunk, it looked like there was black scorch marks.

The cows enjoying an unexpected treat of leaves and shade.

Cookie checking it out too.

What a bummer, eh?

This one was behind the shed and caused no damage, thankfully.

Flowers sure look pretty though.

and in other news

Colton took the girlfriend to the airport on Sunday. She made it back home to Serbia with no problems. He, as expected is pretty bummed, but on the plus side is getting over the crud he had. Guess she is already looking into transferring from the college in Rome to Minneapolis after Christmas.

Yesterday Colton was at work and whole pallet of microwaves fell on him. Talk about scary!

 He was on a lift truck about 40 feet in the air, moving a pallet of microwaves onto the lift truck. Some how lost his footing traversing two 2x4's that he walks across dragging the pallet onto the lift truck and fell between the lift truck and the shelf the pallet was on, sending the microwaves crashing down on and around him. Thankfully no injuries, except a cut on his hand and some bruises.

 He said when the microwaves hit the ground they pretty much exploded. Quite the mess apparently. Spent the rest of the day filling out accident reports. It was agreed he was not at fault, that the current procedures needed to be changed to lessen the chance this kind of freak accident happening again.
Talk about getting lucky!



Ami said...

Holy cow, that's really scary. Nothing like exploding microwaves to generate a whole assload of paperwork, huh?

I am so glad he's okay, I worry about Matt at work, too. He drives a forklift and has had things fall on him, but the cage protected him.

Sorry about your tree. :(

When we bought this house, the weeping cherry tree in the back yard was in full bloom. We moved in and then in the first ice storm that year, we lost it.

Ami said...

How can I email you?
Email me

want to ask you a question.

Don't worry, it's a good thing.

NNNN/Colorado said...

Send some moisture our way--we are drying up and blowing away!! Glad Colton is o.k. and sounds like he was pretty lucky.

Anonymous said...

Wow! That is not good. Just thinking about all that glass from the doors, SO glad that he's okay.
So does Coltaon the the girl talk on the phone/facebook/e-mail?


tainterturtles said...

I was at work looking out the window when the 60 mph winds gusted for about 15 seconds.Thought for sure the trees would snap, but the trees held their own!

Wow, that's scary about Colton and the microwaves. Maybe he needs to wear a hard-hat at work.