Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Wounds and pitching

Yesterday when I picked Chyann up from drivers ed her wound was really, really red and inflamed. I called the doc and they said bring her right in.

The doc says masive infection.

We are going to admit her to the hospital, start IV antibiotics and do a surgery to debride the wound.

Totally unexpeted.

Chyann is just pissed. She says 12 surgeries now! why me. broke my heart let me tell you.

We go down to meet with the surgeon.

The surgeon says, yes masive infection and my don't you have an extensive orthopedic history,


Let's take the staples out, do the new antibiotic and take the two additional antibiotics by mouth, hot and wet compresses and see what it looks like in 24 hours. Of course bring her right in if she spikes a fever, has MORE red streaking or a host of other symptoms. He is on call and can do the surgery during the night if needed.

Hot and wet compresses for hours and hours. The redness is fading and inflamation appears to be subsiding. The wound doesn't look too bad this morning. We will see what the surgeon says in two hours. Fingers crossed no surgery.

I stayed home with Chyann while the Hubby took Caden to his baseball game.
Caden out of the blue asked the coach if he could pitch and without even seeing him do it, put him in for the fourth inning. He struck the first two batters out! The coaches were thrilled at how well he can throw! Said he had all kinds of hidden talent. YAY Caden! He even hit three times making it home all three times! I told him I wished I was there rooting him on, he said no worries Mom I heard you screaming RUN RUN RUN in my head every time I ran! lol

To be continued...


Ami said...

Oh HELL. Soooo sorry!! I hope the home treatment works and she doesn't have to go to the hospital ever again.. ever.

And awesome about the hidden pitcher. I always loved hidden pitchers. :)

PAK ART said...

Oh I'm so sorry to hear about Chyann- nasty cat wounds! I know at the vet clinic that was always a big concern - cat bites and scratches carry so many germs. I hope she heals quickly! I've been out of it for awhile - trying to get back into visiting my fav blogs. Caden is awesome too!