Friday, April 1, 2011

No kidding, really...

It's a beautiful sunny day here! The snow is melting, the trees have plump little buds on them, and the kids are at school. I've become a lady of leisure and quit my job to stay home! I'll now be getting dinner on the table no later than 6p every night, I'll have time to hang clothes out on the line, keep a weed free garden, makes sure everything is 100% ready for the big graduation and party to follow and have plenty of time to ride horses everyday!

Yeah, I know I'm full if shit. April Fools any way.

It's frigging snowing out today, the snow is not melting, there might be just a hint of buds on some variety of trees, the kids are at school and I'm going back to work today. Damn.

I've had fun this week hanging with Chyann at school and I don't think I've embarrassed her too much. Every day she's gone for a few more hours and today she's going to do a whole day. She sure is sore in the mornings and is totally tuckered in the evenings, but has more strength every day. As evidenced by the below picture of her going outside on Wednesday for the first time to see the horses.

Tonight is opening night of the play too! I got to see it yesterday at the school when they put it on for the school and man was it wonderful! Colton as King is soo funny! He gets the crowd really laughing in a few scenes. Really looking forward to seeing it again tonight.



lyndylou said...

Ha ha you had me going there! Glad Chyann is doing great and that you are getting to go again to see the play. Have a great night.

Anonymous said...

Kellie Kellie Kellie Kellie......

you had me going too!! I was so happy for you, until you said April Fools.. oh well. I'm still happy for you.. great family!! Enjoy the play!