Monday, April 25, 2011

Weekend rewind...

Random cat picture. Don't Cairo and Gracie look comfy.

Chyann and I spent a good chunk of Saturday over at our friends place with her and her horses. Nan has Shire's and Chyann is going to help her show them this summer, specifically Ellie who is in the picture below. Ellie is five and exceptionally well behaved. The Draft horse show season doesn't start until July, so Chyann will probably start going to Nan's on a regular basis next month to start preparing the horses for the season. Lets hope she can get that right knee nice and bendy soon!

Caden got told to go suck an egg while we were doing up the eggs and of course being him, he did!

We sure got some vibrant colors this year.

Easter Sunday was a gorgeous day! Chyann in her quest to become more mobile and independent went out and brushed all the horses. Talk about a shed fest!

For me Sunday was just the best, spending almost the whole day outside! I even remembered to put on sunblock, so my freckles today are pretty minimal and no actual sunburn at all! ha!

We cut down three trees and a ton of ground shrubs that had died and hauled them away. Got the flower beds all cleaned up, yard raked, cans crushed and ready to be taken to the recycler, took Jennifer on a walk to get her use to being out again before I attempt to ride her.

Sure wish I didn't have to go to work today because it's going to be an even nicer day than yesterday and there is still so much to do! I really just want to ride horses :)

Anyhow. I found this in the bathroom yesterday evening and laughed my arse off! That Caden sure is something else!

Hope you had a nice Holiday!


Lisa said...

I love your new picture. It looks like the cow is saying, "Get that camera out of our face! A little privacy."

The cats are cute too.

lyndylou said...

you sound like you've had a relaxing yet productive weekend. Love the pics. Hope Chyann knee is loosening up x

crochet lady said...

Love that bright blue egg!

PAK ART said...

ha ha ha Caden is so cool! Only cool kids would write something so awesome and cool! Glad to see Chyann up and about and getting back to normal, that horse is big!

Aunt Krissy said...

Caden sure is a funny one! That's neet that Chy will be able to work with Nan doing the horse thing. Good for her.