Saturday, April 9, 2011

The House of ROCK!!

Orchard Warden Rocked the House of Rock last night!

The bar had an interesting set up. There were two sections, the stage and dance area with some seating, separated by the bar and another seating area with a small stage and TVs to watch the bands on.

It was so friggin loud that the ladies and I sat in the furthest area way from the stage and watched the band on the TVs. You could feel the drums and bass in your chest. I think that anyone with a heart condition should stay far away from this band! They are libel to keel over!

I was surprised at the age group of folks there to listen to a death metal band. Since it was a bar anyone there was over 21, but most of the "kids" looked to be mid to late 20's? Mostly dressed in black, some with mohawks, lots of piercings and tattoos, super short skirts - not a lot of gals there though. Interesting crowd of folks to say the least.

The band did very well if the crowd reaction was any indication. They even had fans moshing on the last song. Why they or anyone thinks moshing is dancing or fun is beyond me.

My very brave friends and I were wishing we'd brought ear plugs towards the end of the show!

Interesting side note: That was the absolute cleanest bar I've ever been to! No kidding the tile floors throughout the place were so clean they shined! Even in the bathrooms!

Short video of the TV we watched the band on. I did end up going into the other side of the bar to take more pictures and videos, but this is the only one that would load on blogger today.

In other news.

Chyann completed her first week back to school with only a few bumps along the way. She continues to get stronger every day.

We went to the FFA banquet where Colton received an award for 1st place in soil judging. Funny when we first moved down here I could never say FFA (future farmers of America), it always came out as FAA (federal aviation administration).

This is also the big pig butcher weekend. Caden is evidence that it is a real dirty job.


tainterturtles said...

What a fun night. Good thng you girls had ear plugs towards the end of the night.

Glad Chyann made it through her first week. Chyann is mighty tough!

lyndylou said...

Sounds like you all had a blast. Glad it's been a really good week for you.

crochet lady said...

Sounds like it would have been too loud for me. Glad you had a good time!

PAK ART said...

Sounds like it was a blast. What is that like watching your own kid on stage head banging and playing the guitar so loud you can hardly stand it? I bet you were proud of him!

Anonymous said...

U girls all looked happy and pretty.
and as I listen to the music?I also felt very proud.