Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What a weekend...

After a late night on Friday, Saturday started out too early and gray.

The annual pig butcher at our friends' place.

Not a lot of folks do this kind of thing anymore. It is economical and we sure have a good time though.

The guys butchered 17 pigs. Usually they are hung to cool overnight, but since the weather was pretty warm they put them on a trailer covered with snow.

In past years I'd be there all day wrapping meat, but since Chyann was sick I only went down to help wrap our meat. It's quite the assembly line.

Pork chops anyone?

More signs of spring! The rhubarb is making it's appearance.

We had a whopper of a storm on Sunday afternoon. Shasta got caught out in the hail for a bit. Even some tornado's 40 miles or so south of us.

After the big storm the guys did some target practicing with muzzle loader guns. Caden is very patiently waiting his turn.

Colton showing off for his girlie friend.... Jeez.. I wonder what's with the rolled up pants? New style? Really want a pair of capris?

Meanwhile Chyann brushes, trims and loves on the pups.

Hard to believe it was 80* on Sunday with all the wind that we had, both before and after the storm - sure fellt like North Dakota..

We are even forecasted to possibly get some snow come Friday too. blah.


Lisa said...

Wow! That's a lot of pig! We just would bring ours to a local butcher. I imagine that your way is a lot cheaper.

We've been having weird weather here also. It's all a part of spring I guess.

Lisa said...

I need to email you about calf advice asap



Chloe said...

Hi great blog!!

we still do our own homekill, i love it always feel very sorry for the little bobby calves and lambs but they get great time with us and then go on to make great dinners..

sounds like u live a great and busy life

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lyndylou said...

definitely a busy weekend, pity about the weather. Hopefully you don't get more snow cos that would just be the pits!