Saturday, April 16, 2011

Good News and talent galore

First off let me say outside my window this morning is about an inch of snow!

Yesterday was so gray and blustery! The news said it could blow up to 60knots last night and I bet it did! Sure reminded me of Cold Bay - the toilet water was sloshing around. Why it does that in high winds I don't know, but I digress.. SNOW! Outside today! I hope it melts and the ground drys out soon! I've got so many outside things to do within the next 33 days!

Anyhow.. Here is ol' Scotch lounging in the hay after his breakfast last Sunday. He seems to be saying just give me a bit and I'll get the rest of this all eaten up.

Chyann and I went to the Cities on Wednesday and the news couldn't be better!

Her doctor is sooo pleased with her bone healing! Ony problem is she has almost no range of motion in her right knee.

This is due to when she got the fixator off it hurt to move so she didn't and the muscles that were already protesting about the stretching/growing they had to endure have locked up and gotten super tight. This is pretty normal and intensive physical therapy is moved up to now, instead of after she got off crutches - that would have been for gait training.

Luckily we have a relatively new physical therapy place with an outstanding reputation right in our little town so we wont have to drive all over for that. This is especially nice since gas prices are now up to $3.89 a gal!

Check her out cruising with one crutch and bearing all her weight on the right leg! I tell you it felt like Christmas to see that!

Later that evening we went to the school for the first annual talent show! I heard that my eldest boy and a few of his friends are the ones that came up with the idea to raise money for the music department. It was $5 bucks a head and a dollar a vote, to vote for your favorite act. There was a lot of singing, dancing, comedy skits, the school jazz band, show choir, and of course the eldest son's death metal band.

I can't tell you how amazed we were to hear some of the kid's lovely singing voices. Our school definitely has some talented kids.

Caden's favorite part is when the jazz band played the limbo! He got pretty low and was one of the last ones going under. He was disqualified after this backwards slide though.

The MC introducing Colton's band. Moments after this picture, three girls ran up on stage as "groupies" and wanted to introduce the band. The MC said ok and they squealed the band name, gave some whoops and hollers and while exiting the stage called out "Colton we love you!" Apparently he has some fans :) A good time had by all!


Aunt Krissy said...

Groupies?! Was it a "love" song?

I too am so pleased to hear the good news about Chy! Soon she will be back on her fat lazy horse and riding around.

lyndylou said...

Excellent news about Chyann. She has done so so well. And groupies? LOL is this a sign of things to come? Your son will be fighting them off soon. Woo hoo :)

tainterturtles said...

I'm so happy to hear Chyann's good news. I'm sure that lifted her spirits.

I'm curious now, I've got to hear Colton's band....or their head bangin music!!!!

Lisa said...

Try 5.60$ a gallon!

snowbirdranch said...

Hi honey,
Did Colton Sing a song by his self?
I thought he was going to play he was also going to play and sign too.
Am so sorry about the snow and wind.
It was really windy the last couple of days.Christy and i went to the casino tonight I won a 120.00.
had a good time too.
Hope Chynann does not try to ride her horse again until the Dr.says she can.Must admit she was using her head.Must go to bed now.I love and miss all of You,mom

PAK ART said...

Your kids are awesome! I'm so glad Chyann is on the mend, physical therapy won't be fun, but it will get her back to running around.