Sunday, March 27, 2011

Who knew?

That Cairo and Shasta would become good buddies?

And that ANY cat would hold still to be blow dried?

Surprising stuff to be seen everyday.

Chyann is going to try and go to school for a half day tomorrow on crutches. I'll stay at the school in case she needs me, some pain meds, the wheelchair or just to leave. I hope she is able to do it, as she's been worrying about missing soooo much school and feeling like she is completely out of touch with her friends.

A few things she's done that she probably would never have experienced before this ordeal:

Gotten completely addicted to watching The Golden Girls and is now able to sing the opening song for start to finish. Is a huge Betty White fan. Can't believe the other gals are all deceased. Is more mature than any 13 year old should ever be, can take huge amounts of pain with only a small grimace. Likes to make fun of her mother because I apparently talk in my sleep and laugh while sleeping almost every night - I've been sleeping on the couch in case she needs anything so we've gotten to know each other very well -we have recently started sleeping back upstairs though, she goes up and down the very steep 14 stairs on her butt with me holding her leg up. Gotten closer to her Grandma than she ever would have before. She has a wonderful appreciation of how GREAT her grandma really is and misses her so much. Thankfully she hasn't had too hard of a time coming off all the narcotic drugs she was taking. This kid is so fantastic I can't even believe it!

Wish her good luck for school tomorrow!


Aunt Krissy said...

Good Luck Chy!And I love the Golden Girls too. Maybe we need to have a girls night in and watch the show.

lyndylou said...

Good Luck Chyann, hope all goes well and I am loving the fact that you have gotten to know your mum and grandma better. The Golden Girls are ace!

Lisa said...

Good luck girlie! And The Golden Girls are the best.

Kitten is still cute as a button!

tainterturtles said...

I'll be thinking of Chyann today and hoping she can go back to school.

Yes, Chyann is an amazing young lady!!!!! That little kitten sure loves her.

crochet lady said...

I hope everthing goes great for Chyann's back to school. I bet she is excited to be with all her friends again.

PAK ART said...

It's so good to hear she's getting up and around. she'll be riding horses in no time!