Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Buds are here!

This morning when I came home from taking the kids to school I noticed the maple tree in the front yard was getting some nice buds on it. Pretty cool nest too. I think it is a swallows nest, but I'm not sure.

We got up to the low 50's yesterday and a ton of snow melted. By this weekend it'll probably all be gone. It is even forested to get up to the high 60's possibly 70 by Saturday!! Spring has finally sprung!

Colton's band has a show at the House of Rock on Friday night! This will be my first time seeing them live since the Homecoming bonfire last spring. I'm looking forward to checking out all their new moves and stage antics.

Happy hump day!


PAK ART said...

spring is real? not just a myth I've been hearing about?

It will be fun to hear and see Colton do "his thing". Is Krissy going?

Anonymous said...

I googled House of Rock.. whats the name of Colton's band??
glad you are able to see him play.

enjoy the rest of your week and Spring. we had snow Monday night and this morning its 25 degrees... think it will be awhile before we see buds on our trees.


Kellie said...

Patty - I've talked Krissy into coming with me, should be fun cuz you know how much she likes to hang out in bars!

Rose - Their band is Orchard Warden. I told Colton last night that the link from the bar web page wasn't working. Hope they get it fixed.

Aunt Krissy said...

Woohoo! I'm going out to a bar! Girls gone wild!

Anonymous said...

Kellie,u sucked me right in with your April fool joke.We were able to get the page to load.Dont know what was up with that.Feels like I am missing a lot.Wish I could to all have seen the play.Wish I could go the bar too.Love to all my babies.Mom

Anonymous said...

P.S. Its hot the high 70s

tainterturtles said...

Tonight on my walk I noticed the big buds on the maple trees.

We drove by the House of Rock on Tuesday night. Looks like a small place so be prepared for cramped quarters! Have fun with party animal Aunt Krissy!!!!!!

bettyl said...

Spring is my favorite season. Too bad it's getting to be autumn here in NZ!