Thursday, April 28, 2011

Umbrella tale

Why yes, it did snow again yesterday and today. And yes they say winter really will be over soon. Like tomorrow - forecasted high of 58*! Whoopee! So yes I will be able to muster through this last day of yucky weather.

I've got an umbrella story for you.

I'm from Alaska and true Alaskans don't use umbrellas so I've never owned one.

Here in WI EVERYONE has an umbrella.

I picked one up at a thrift sale a few years ago and recently found it again.

Tuesday morning it was pouring rain and a bit blustery when I went to work so I thought I'd try out this dusty umbrella.

Now I don't know much about umbrellas other than it's bad luck to open one up indoors.

So, picture this - I get to work open the van door and get out, I've got my purse and lunch slung over my shoulder while I bump the door shut with my hip, I'm hoisting this umbrella and opening it all at the same time. I was standing into the wind so the umbrella would not get blown backwards - as I opened it a ton of dust/dead bugs are blown into my face so I quick turn and the wind grabs the umbrella and turns it inside out kinda pulling me down the parking lot!

It was just like in the movies where the wind is howling and the rain is pouring and the ditzy gal has her umbrella blown backwards - except for the dead bugs and cobwebs stuck in my hair and face! Real classy.

I marched into work soaking wet with nasty shit all over me and threw the umbrella in the trash!

Moral of this story? Not sure other than I'm not using an umbrella again!

Happy Birthday to my wonderful Brother! Love ya!


tainterturtles said...

Oh Kellie, that's a hoot! Now I understand why Krissy makes fun of me ALL the time. I can't help it that I like hats, mittens, scarves, boots and yes, umbrellas!

Aunt Krissy said...

Hear hear! Down with the umbrellas1 They only work if you only have the umbrella to hold on to and there is no wind.

crochet lady said...

Ha...ha, that's funny. I can just picture it, cause it's happened to me, minus the dust and bugs. I still carry my little umbrella all the time with me to work though. I hate having wet icky hair from the rain.

lyndylou said...

chuckle chuckle, sorry for laughing but I just couldn't help it although if it were me I would have been freaking out about the bugs all over me!

Cedar View Paint Horses said...

Very funny! Dead lady bug wings and all.