Monday, September 26, 2016

This and that

All the kids were home this weekend.

We managed to squeeze in a few pictures.
Here are a few.

Chyann taking selfies to send to the boyfriend, Caden harassing her, Colton looking at the soil and plants growing in the field. Hubby telling me to hurry.
I think we got some good ones.

I thought the Sunday games might be cancelled, but nope the first game was played in the mist, rain and fog. They almost won this game! Had two runners on base when the last out was made and there wasn't enough time to start another inning. UGH...

By the second game the sun made an appearance.
Our boy pitched and did an amazing job!
He threw a ton of strikes!

Making a good run in.

Next Sunday we are traveling to MN to play.
The stadium, yes you heard me, the STADIUM they play in will hold almost 8,000 fans.
I'm excited!!

We have a dinner date with my truck driving long lost friend this week. I'm soooo looking forward to seeing her!

Instead of cleaning out the barn tonight I pulled weeds.
Lesser of two evils I thought.
Maybe tomorrow.

Are you watching the debate tonight?
Makes me sick to think these are actually our options.

I almost forgot to mention!
Caden got his herbst braces off on Friday! Phase 1 is complete.
Phase 2 starts November 10th when he gets full braces put on.

later alligator :)

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Ami said...

2nd pic is my favorite. :) Everyone doing what they do. Funny.

I don't know how you keep up with all the things!!!