Thursday, September 29, 2016

Thirsty Thursday

Our trees are really starting to turn. 
I love the vivid reds.
This was taken a few days ago in town. 

I had the best time last night. 
We went to dinner at Krissy's place on the lake.
They have gorgeous lake front property. 
Caden having fun in their hammock. 

I should have taken more pictures, but I pretty much forgot everything while catching up with my old friend. So Caden was in charge of getting a few pic as we were leaving. 
You think he'd have noticed the big glare on the picture behind us, but nope he didn't lol
I can say Kris is my oldest friend. 
We talked as work acquaintances as far back as 1989. Got to be real friends a bit after that. She was the first one to come see me in the hospital after I had Colton. We have a history. A rich history of laughter and tears. I can't tell you how much I appreciated being able to spend a little time with her. 
I hope we can do it again soon.     

The boys are at baseball practice tonight and I just finished canning 11 pints and 2 quarts of hot peppers. I still have a ton of peppers out there, maybe I'll get some more done tomorrow. I ran out of lids so had to stop for now.

Our girl is cruising through to drop off her cats tomorrow.
She is going to LaCrosse to celebrate Octoberfest with the boyfriend and his family. 

That's it, I have to rescue my wine from the damn fruit fly's.

Krissy makes the best garlic bread. Shredded fresh garlic mixed with butter slathered on hot bread --ummmmmmmmm
Course I have absolute dragon breath from deeeeep down today, but totally worth it :) 

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Anonymous said...

YAY!! so glad you got to see Krissy!! you both are looking great!!