Wednesday, September 7, 2016

As request and other stuff...

 The eldest complied with my request and sent us a LAST first day of school picture. 
Isn't he a handsome lad!

He will be the first bachelor degree graduate in our families. 
We are so proud of him!

Have you ever noticed that when you need to print something at home you never have any ink in your printer? I finally broke down and ordered some. It arrived today and wow I already printed out a ton of crap that I've been putting off. 

I lost my hair brush.
 Who looses their hair brush? Me apparently. No idea where it went. I've asked all the kids if they have it and they don't. My only guess is that I left it out in the bathroom and one of the cats knocked it in the trash - then of course I must have thrown it away.

We have received about 3" of rain in the last two days. 
I didn't end up doing anything with all my split tomatoes, but I did bring the best of the lot in and am enjoying tomato sandwiches for lunch and sliced up with dinner. 

Didn't end up getting the pool covered over the weekend either. Too windy.

I cleaned my oven tonight. 
No chemicals at all. Only water. 
Two cups in the bottom, turn it on the aqua clean and 40 minutes later you are looking at a mostly clean oven.
A sponge to soak up the leftover water and maybe a little scraping with the scraper thing and you are done. Pretty damn nice. 

Ol' Scotch has rain rot on his rump. I'm guessing it is a combination of all the humidity, wet weather, tall weeds that we now have out in the pastures due to having no cows that eat those rotten weeds and the fact that Scotch is low man on the totem pole and has the pleasure of hanging his arse out the cow barn in all weather instead of being snug and dry in the cow barn with the queens. 
I've been treating him with an anti-fungal and it is healing up. Takes a while for complete healing and with any luck he will be looking good before the snow fly's. 
While I was treating him today I noticed Jennifer had a good sized scratch all the way down her side. Thankfully it is a superficial wound and only required cleaning and some blue coat.  

The boy is enjoying two 2 hour baseball practices tonight. Two hours for each team he is on.
Man I hope he is careful. 

Today was picture day for the boy. 
We got him three new dress shirts before school started and only one fit when he tried them on last night. 
Of course the one that fit had the second button down missing and NO spare buttons attached. WTF.
So he wore a halfway decent shirt that still fit from last year.

 Ok that's it. 
Happy humpday :)

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