Monday, September 5, 2016

This and that

Friday night as our girl was on her way home to us she sent me a text saying "Go out and see the Northern Lights!!". We went out to the most amazing light show. I was so mesmerized by the dancing colors that I didn't even think about trying to take pictures. It had probably been ten or more years since I'd seen them. I had forgotten how wondrous they are, absolutely breathtaking.

No baseball games this weekend due to the holiday, but there is practice. At last Saturday's game Caden had some great hits, plays and runs that didn't go unnoticed apparently. He has been asked to play on a AAA traveling team! Their first practice was Friday night. The Hubby says this is a whole new deal and nothing like what he has done before. Which is exciting and worrisome at the same time. The next two weeks will be pretty intense with school and two different teams practice, plus games on Saturday and lets throw in a parade next Saturday too just to make it more interesting. He is thrilled let me tell you and up for the challenge.

Storms rolling through last night brought an inch or so of rain which split a good portion of my remaining tomatoes. Man that sucks, I had hoped to savor the last of them for another few weeks. Might have to try and make something with them today so they aren't a complete waste.

We may put the tarp on the pool today. Hard to believe it's really that time. A few of my annual flowers need to be pulled up as well.

Chyann goes back to St Cloud tomorrow and likely wont be home again until October sometime.

Colton starts school tomorrow. I am going to call and request he take a last first day of school picture for me since he graduates in December this is it for him. I'm so excited for him!

Anywho, that's all I know.
Hope you are enjoying your holiday weekend.
later :)


Ami said...

You always have so much going on. Do you ever sleep? :)

How cool that you got to see the Northern Lights!!! We occasionally are told via local news that we're going to see them here... and we never do. I think I'm going to have to get my hubby up to Alaska sometime so we can really see them.

I am going to my new job today to set things up and make it look nice for tomorrow. Wish me luck.

Nicole said...

I'm not sure but this post brought tears to my eyes. I guess the fact that your oldest is entering his last semester of college, you won't see your middle until sometime in October, etc. I can't explain it, that's just what I guess caused it.