Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The weekend news: Part 2

Sunday brought a fresh day of ball with the A's.
It was a perfect day for ball.
Warm, but not too hot and clear blue sky.

The Hubby and Chyann were up in the booth to keep score.

The boys were pretty evenly matched in skill.
A lot of great plays and hits by all the players.

Caden sliding into home.

Do you see Caden leading off from first?
The batter at the plate got a base run which advanced Caden to second base -

an overthrown ball keeps him moving towards third!

Third base coach sends him home!
So at this point I readjust my camera - pull the zoom back in and get ready to hit the button when he starts coming into frame.
I'm waiting for him and holding my breath, then I hear a huge groan from the crowd!
WTF is going on?
I look up from the camera and see Caden on his knees just to the left of this picture with the most stunned look on his face. His helmet even flew off on impact and I know that helmet fits like a glove so you know it was a hard hit.
He was going so fast that he got ahead of himself and fell.
Damn. You know that had to hurt.
Probably a good thing he didn't get to home as the pitcher and catcher were waiting and it would have likely been a big collision.
Tore up his elbow like you wouldn't believe.
Course that would have been the tying run which would have sent them into another inning.
He was super disappointed, but the coaches were awesome.
They told him they never seen a kid run with such heart.
Even with the fall, he played some great ball.

Next game they got annihilated. End score was 12 to zero, but at least they did better against this team than the team whom they played first - they lost 20 to zero.

Aaah baseball.
We've got another month of playing to look forward to.

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tainterturtles said...

Caden is 100% athletic!!! I've always been amazed at his enthusiasm for sports....but then I remember Caden as a baby and full of energy, hee, hee! Whenever we drive by your house, I still wave and say "hi Kellie."