Monday, September 12, 2016

The wrong side of the street and dingers

Home alone this evening and I am reminiscing over the last few days. 

Our boy participated in the annual Firefighters parade on Saturday. 
Gotta love small town parades. 
Tractors, hot rod cars, local businesses, politicians and my favorite - the school marching band.
Unfortunately the band numbers continue to dwindle, but they put on a good show anyhow.

As you can see once again we were on the wrong side of the street to see our boy up close. 
Happens every time I tell you.

Then we were off to the games. 
The fall boys won their first game and lost their second. 
In a typical game you have two umps. One behind the catcher and another in the field who rotates between first and second then second and third, depending on where runners are positioned.
That ump makes the call as to if a runner is out or safe on a base.
For whatever reason we didn't have a base ump for the last inning of the last game. Which is unfortunate since the game was tied and the home plate ump just cant see what happens out in the field as well as a base ump. Suffice to say we felt two calls would have definitely went the other way if a base ump were there. 
That's the way it goes sometimes. 
I think the boys will still be seeded second or third for this coming Saturdays playoff games. 

Alright.. Who in the world thought it was a good idea for baseball players to wear white pants? Are you freaking kidding me? After the fall ball games we didn't get home till almost 9p and I had to scrub and wash those dang white pants. Which meant the Hubby and I stayed up and had a few beers listening to 70's tunes. WHICH meant 7a rolled around waaaaay too early.

And this day folks is the day we've been waiting for. 
First day of play with the A's.
Tried to get a good picture of him in the new uniform WITH the extra hand scrubbed white pants, but he was too embarrassed to have MOM taking pictures in front of the new team...... So, this is what I ended up with. Doesn't he look young and sweet?

I don't think I mentioned, but this 13U team - which means no kids over the age of 13 can play (you can be 12 tho) will play no games with another 13U team. 
ALL their games are with 14U and 15U teams. 
Apparently last year they played 13U teams and found there was no competition. The head coach has decided to play them up this year and boy let me tell you there was competition galore. 

I'm not sure how it freaking worked this way, but Caden was the first up to bat for the very first game. AND 
Baby let me tell you he totally nailed it with a double!!
I wish I'd have kept the video going longer to get all the hooting and hollering on video.
Super proud moment for us, let me tell you. 

Caden made the first run in and then they got down a few runs, but damned if they didn't come back!

However they couldn't hold their lead and ended up loosing by one run.
In the end it was 10 to 11.

After the game was over we heard the coach telling Caden that the scouting reports on him were right on!
How is that for cool!?!?
I can't tell you how pleased we were for Caden.

Up in the box between games keeping score.

Next game our boy was up first to bat and got a nice single, then they were trying rally hard to pick him off at first.

Now here is where it gets scary. 
Caden had a big lead off from first, the next batter up hits a line drive between first and second which meant Caden had to continue to second.
Somehow that second baseman tagged Caden and sent him for a tumble. 
Ya I didn't get all the shots of it because I wasn't looking through the camera, but watching it live.
So here is what I got on film.
After he got tagged

and then going down.

Seriously my heart stopped for a moment here.
 About the longest twenty seconds of my life before he popped up and ran off the field. 
Hell of a crash.
He was lucky to just have a scraped up elbow today I think.

The A's got stomped on by this 15U team. 
Final score was something like 13 to 4, but that's ok. It's all a learning experience. 

Did I mention he had to get new cleats for this team? Course his poor heals have blisters today and damn you know those have to hurt. 
Aaaah, the price of being a participant and loving every moment of it. 

I think he was a stand out player on this team. He did so well. I can't even tell you how well. 

In other news my niece in AK got married on Saturday.
She sure made a beautiful bride.
 I hope she and her new husband enjoy many happy years together and strive to make the marriage work. 
A few words of advice to any newly married couple: 
Unlike romance novels or movies you actually have to work at making your marriage what you want. Through good times and bad. A compromise that really freaking pisses you off at the time will be repaid to you at a later date two fold. Try not to go to bed mad. Speak your mind; he is not a mind reader. 

My BFF in AK became a grandmother last week too. 
Hard to believe our kids could possibly be old enough to get married and/or have kids.

Time folks, it does move on.

I took apart one garden today, then lost my enthusiasm.
Tomorrow I think I'll mow the jungle one last time. 
See ya :) 

I dont know what the problems is, but I'm not seeing the video I posted. Are you?

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Kellie am so very proud of you for all your hard work.and of Cal and the wonderful kids of yours