Friday, September 2, 2016

All in a days work

After a full day at work and NO nap I picked the tomatoes and peppers. 
It sure doesn't look like much, but let me tell you folks there is some serious work involved with the few jars you see below. 

3 batches of salsa and one batch of jalapenos. 
Not shown are five quarts of tomatoes that are already in the freezer. 

My new rule is if you help with the process you get to name the batch of salsa. 
A little hook to get Caden to participate more than just hauling out my scrap bucket. 
He helped today after school so I let him name the first batch of salsa. 
He didn't think I'd actually do it, but he was wrong 
If you cant read the jars on the left they are named "hot as balls"
Thanks for helping :)
Second batch will be something like HOT and the last of salsa is definitely a Chyna sweet.  

Gotta have a sample bowl and bag of chips ready for sampling on a salsa night. 
Which means I don't have to make supper. That works right?

School started on Thursday. 
Our boy on the first day of 8th grade. 
When he got home he said he had a better day than he ever expected to. 
Gotta love that. 
(can you see the nasty green crap dripping off the vikings head?)

Our girl is on her way home to spend the holiday weekend with us. 
She sent a text earlier today that said: OMG I can't wait to get home!
That made me smile. We can't wait to see her either. 

Dinner with friends tomorrow night and baseball are our holiday plans. 

Hope you have a grand weekend :)


Ami said...

Canning IS a lot of work!!
Hot as balls... hahahaha.

Enjoy your girl, mine comes home this weekend after being gone for three months.

Nicole said...

So how's she enjoying college. Maybe I'll see that in the next post. I got behind. I've been busy packing up my house. sorry!

I'm thinking that Caden and Tori are roughly the same age. She's in 8th grade this year too. she'll be 14 the 2nd day of January.