Monday, September 19, 2016

The weekend news: part 1

The fall baseball league is done.
The boys didn't progress further than sixth place.
The first game was lost by 1 freaking run.
End score was 11 to 10. Damn.
If they'd have won that game they'd have progressed forward, but since they didn't it was just one more game for them.

All the boys played hard.
The coach - who was a substitute and totally stepped up to help out when their original coach had to bow out, thought the boys could only throw a specific amount of pitches, was saving the fast pitchers for the later games. Unfortunately they were unable to move forward in the bracket to use the fast pitchers.

Anywho a few pictures from that game:
Making the first run in.

And guess who completely surprised us Friday night by knocking on the bedroom door at 11pm?
Our lovely daughter came home to enjoy a weekend of games with us.
Course after driving till late then not being able to sleep once she got home she had to get a little nap all tucked up in a chair lol

Second game the boys played like they were on fire!
Making plays left and right. They got their bats hot early and kept them hot!

A few close plays.

Tater and Chyann
Silly Tater is such a riot to bring along to games.
Everyone wants to pet her and she loves to prance around on the leash.
I took her over to the bull pen between games to offer Caden a sandwich and she immediately hunkered up to take a shit right there lol
Caden was mortified, but I could only laugh.

End score of this game was 17 to 3.

Our boy even pitched for the first time this season.
He threw 11 pitches and got three outs.
Pretty dang awesome!

End of season team picture.
A nice bunch of kids.

Caden's buddy from school Drew.
This was his first season here and the first time he's been coached by other folks than his Dad.  I hope he was able to find some value in the program too.

Gotta have at least one silly pic.

Plus it was my Daddy's birthday.
It's been almost two years since we've seen them.
Hopefully we can make something work out to get together soon.

My favorite picture from the last time we saw him.

Love you Dad xoxo

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