Sunday, May 29, 2016

The rest of the story

I don't think I mentioned it, but my Mother brought their two dogs with them when the came. 
I was a little worried how Dodger would react to them, but after the first five minutes of smelling them he was just fine. 

I almost always have some type of camera at hand, but somehow the day of the graduation party I only managed to take this ONE picture.
How tacky is that? No one else thought to get any pictures either so that sucks.
I think the party was a success. 
We had beautiful weather, good food, plentiful beverages and a lot of folks in and out.

Day after the party only Mom and Gerry were left so us gals got down to the serious business of finding out who the new Scrabble Queen would be.
If you guessed it is now Chyann, you have guessed correctly.
She totally whipped our butts!
Mom and I did managed to eek out a win or two here and there though.

Mom and Gerry were able to stay and see Caden play in the first Colfax ball game.
They have so many players 7/8 grade that they have an A and B team. Caden wasn't scheduled to play in this game, but since the Grandparents were here they let him.

And look who was on the opposing team? 
His best buddy that no longer goes to school in Colfax, but he plays with him on the Wheeler team. 

Unfortunately the Colfax team had no chance against the team they played. Too many new to baseball kids and no coaching direction. 

My Mother and Gerry are now back in OK.
Caden is now out of school; going to be an 8th grader next year.
Chyann is packing. She leaves tomorrow for St. Cloud where she has an apartment with three other kids.
Sure is going to be weird around here without her. 


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Nicole said...

So how are you surviving with Chyann now in Minnesota? Before long you'll be empty nesters.... And yes, there are times when you get so busy that getting pictures slips your mind... or at least it happens to me.